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910 Formatting

We should all be using a standard format for our date and initials in the 910 fields, and we agreed to use the following format:

XXX mm/dd/yyyy.

Remember to include leading zeros in month and day, and use 4 characters for the year. Notes like pcatfix, recon, or recat should come after the date.

If there is an existing 910 in a catalog record (such as 910 fields for PROMPTCAT records) leave the existing 910 in the record as is and add a second 910 field with your initials and date or your initials and date followed by a space and then any other information you may need to add such as pcatfix, recon, or recat.

Use the following codes in the 910 fields:







You can use up to three codes, and each should be separated by a single space. So it would look like this:

MBB 09/12/2014 code code code.

The codes are not case sensitive.


RECAT (add to 910): Cataloging-related changes done on an existing record for material already owned by UM. This will include overlaying a record in Aleph with a record from Connexion with the SAME OCLC number (already owned)

DATABASE MAINTENANCE (manually record these): Non-cataloging-related work done on a record. Examples: For monos—transfers, correction of HOLs or item lists. For serials—addition or correction of prediction patterns, X-links, cancellations, transfers, correction of HOLs or item lists.

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