Blanket Orders, Memberships & Blanket Payment Records

This is a list of organizations from which we receive many or all of their titles because we are either members or have a blanket standing order. Instructions for creating Aleph bib records are in Memberships - Creating Uniform Bib Records.

* = The list is alphabetic with the purchase order numbers at the front and the Aleph Admin number following. Also included here are some records that are used only to receive recurring payments, such as Marcive and Worldcat. They are indicated by an *.

M = Membership–This means the Serials Section has a membership to the organization. Usually we receive a number of titles which are part of the membership (spelled out in detail in the checkin records). Almost always does not include monographic publications. Monographs should not order titles from these organizations until we know for certain that they will not come automatically.

BL=Blanket–This means that the Serials Section expects to receive all publications produced by that organization. If in doubt, give bibliographic information to Serials Assistant who will write a letter of inquiry.

PO Number Type Organization
2100964 BL Africas Watch (see Human Rights Watch Africas Watch)
2365753 M African Studies Association ADM 1085278
2334653 M American Association for State & Local History ADM 1085355
1242854 M American Association of Museums ADM 1085360
2335049 M American Association of School Administrators ADM 1085362
2386756 M American Correctional Association ADM 1085370
3844882 BL American Council on Education ADM 1085372
20072953 BL American Enterprise Inst. for Public Policy Research ADM 1085381
1243299 M American Geophysical Union ADM 1085395
2365832 M American Historical Association ADM 1085397
5657635 BL American Institute of Certified Public Accountants ADM 1085407
1243470 BL American Institute of Chemical Engineers ADM 1085411
2098518 BL American Library Association Memb.#124355X
4918435 BL American Management Association ADM 1085420
5246611 M American Orff-Schulwerk Association ADM 1945078
2366277 M American Society for Information Science ADM 1409301
2366307 M American Solar Energy Society ADM 1085439
1244000 BL Americas Watch (see Human Rights Watch Americas Watch)
2337721 M Archaeological Society of Connecticut ADM 1085494
2100976 BL Asia Watch (see Human Rights Watch Asia Watch)
233978X M Association for Canadian Studies in the U.S. ADM 1085540
2339791 M Association for Information and Image Management ADM1085544
2337186 M Association for Preservation Technology ADM 1085545
1245156 BL Asociacion Latinoamericana de Integracion ADM 1085535
2367968 M Association of Jewish Libraries ADM 1085551
1245387 M Association of Research Libraries ADM 1085552 also PO #5704467
2338105 M Astronomical Society of the Pacific ADM 1085559
544228X M Biomed Central ADM 1980051
1247530 BL Brookings Institution, Washington, DC ADM 1085731
2330337 M Canadian Tax Foundation ADM 1085857
20073611 M Center for Research Libraries (membership fees)
2354779 M Champlain Society ADM 1085896
2355838 M Children’s Literature Association ADM 1085915
1250073 BL Chronicle Guidance Publications, Inc.
1477079 M College Art Association of America ADM 1088753
20072461 * Copyright Clearance (ILL)
20073464 M Council on Library and Information Resources ADM 1739463
1252604 BL Decade of North American Geology (DNAG) ADM 1086112
5653290 M English Folk Dance and Song Society ADM 1086219
5653393 M English Place-Name Society ADM 1086224
5657994 M Fabian Society, London ADM 1086274
5678511 BL FAO (Food & Agriculture Organization of the UN) ADM 1086331
1255733 M Foreign Newspaper Microfilm Project ADM 1086356
3668885 BL Foreign Policy Association ADM 1565432
1258084 BL Henry E. Huntington Library ADM 1086553
5653903 M Historical Assoc. London ADM 640120(via Teaching History
4926729 BL Hoover Institution Press ADM 1086580
2100848 BL Human Rights Watch ADM 1100971
2100848 BL Human Rights Watch Africas Watch ADM 1100976
1244000 BL Human Rights Watch Americas Watch ADM 1085445
2100976 BL Human Rights Watch Asia Watch ADM 1100977
2100988 BL Human Rights Watch Middle East Watch ADM 1100978
2101002 BL Human Rights Watch Women’s Rights Project ADM 1100979
2348883 M Industrial Relations Research Association ADM 1086620
2379417 M International Double Reed Society ADM 1088673
4788709 BL International Labor Office (ILO) ADM 10867007
1260078 BL International Monetary Fund ADM 1086710
2363483 M Keats Shelley Association ADM 1086844
1262300 M Latin American Microforms Project ADM 1086689
1262324 M Latin American Studies Association ADM 1086891
4157679 BL Library of America ADM 1086927
2370372 M Malone Society, London ADM 1086996
5802763 * Marcive
2682321 M Marine Historical Association, Inc. ADM 1087008
2370931 M Massachusetts Audubon Society ADM 1087013
4757968 M Massachusetts Library Association ADM 1087021
1264151 BL Massachusetts University Press (See University of Mass. Press)
20104878 M Mineralogical Association of Canada
2100988 BL East Watch see Human Rights Watch Middle East)
5467263 BL National Academy of Sciences (National Research Council) ADM 1087269 (Provided on blanket order for NAS/NRC publications)
5467263 BL National Academy Press (National Research Council) ADM 1087269 (Provided on blanket order for NAS/NRC publications)
2376039 M National Association for Bilingual Education ADM 1087216
2376064 M National Association of Elementary School Principals ADM 1087219
2375977 BL Natl Assoc of Secondary School Principal ADM 408215 (via NASSP Bull.)
20072953 BL National Book Network
4076266 BL National Bureau of Economic Research ADM 1087223
2388029 M National Business Education Association ADM 1087235
3201247 M National Exposure Research Laboratory (See Northeast Research Libraries Consortium)
2365297 M National Fire Protection Association ADM 1087242
1097787 BL National League for Nursing ADM 1575049
2369333 M National Organization on Legal Problems of Education ADM 1087264
5467263 BL National Research Council(National Academy of Sci.) ADM 1087269
126719X M National Sporting Goods Association ADM 1087277
2371091 M New England Library Association
2350932 M New Hampshire Historical Association ADM 2350932 (Via subsc. to “Historical New Hampshire“
4153960 BL New world records [Music CDs] ADM 1693479
3201247 M Northeast Research Libraries Consortium (NERL) ADM 1477438
2369825 M Ontario Archaeological Society ADM 1087398
2370190 M Oral History Association ADM 1087407
1269434 BL Organization of American States (OAS) ADM 1087445
4157679 BL Penguin/Putnam Library of America ADM 1086927
200913659 M Percussive Arts Society ADM 10535521
20073922 * Proquest order for Umass Dissertations orders
2374948 M Railway and Locomotive Historical Society ADM 1087690
1274533 M Seminar on the Acq.of Lat.Amer.Library Materials ADM 1274533
3975393 M Society for College and University Planning ADM 1087898
02385375 M Sonneck Society ADM 1087922
2392811 BL Southern Regional Council ADM 1087942
3755551 M SPARK (Social & Public Arts Resource Center) ADM 1581145
1277467 BL Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) ADM 1735425
2342091 M T’ang Studies Society ADM 1088139
1278344 M Theatre Library Association ADM 1088189
2387530 M Thoreau Society ADM 1088804
4678813 BL Travaux de l’Institut Francais d’Etudes Andians
20073922 * Umass Dissertations from Proquest
4918459 BL UNESCO ADM 1088249
5813797 BL United Nations/[All pubns-selected documents] ADM 1860174
1280077 M Universal Serials and Book Exchange ADM 1088292
1264151 BL University of Massachusetts Press ADM 1087024
2337265 M Urban Land Institute ADM 1088321
2332693 M Vermont Historical Society ADM 1088333
128082X M Violoncello Society, Inc. ADM 1088356
2101002 BL Women’s Rights Watch ADM 1100979
4846234 BL World Bank Country Study ADM 1088423
20072544 BL World Health Organization ADM 1088429
5662667 * Worldcat
20074347 * Yankee Book Peddler shelf ready book processing charges

Primary contact: Scott Stangroom

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