OCLC MARC Record File Notifications

As of May 13, 2016 We are subscribing to a service from Yankee that may mean that this workflow is no longer necessary.

Whenever Yankee has a shipment of shelf-ready books ready to send, we get emails with the subject “OCLC MARC Record File Notification”. These emails go to Libacq-L list.

When they come in, the Ordering Assistant does the following:

1. Print out the email. The email will have some of the instructions you need.

2. Use the email still on your computer, and click on the link to the OCLC website.

3. Following the instructions on the email–

     a. Connect to http://psw.oclc.org/psw/.
     b. Click on "Records and Reports".
     c. Click on "OCLC WorldCat Cataloging Partners labels, records and reports".
     d. Enter your OCLC authorization and password.
     e. Click OK

4. Use the email to get the file name, but instead of downloading, just go to “view”.

5. Pull up the correct file to view, and then print it out.

6. Place the email on top of the printout, and then make 2 copies. Staple or paperclip the copies for convenience.

8. Use the 3-hole punch on the originals, and file in the green binder marked “OCLC Notifications”.

9. Give one copy to the Monographic Receiver (currently Susan), and give the other copy to the person collecting statistics (currently Lucy).

10. Save the original email in an online or offline folder just in case someone loses their copy and needs it later etc.

Rebecca Addison 2012/01/25

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