EJournals - New Purchases Checklist

Title of Journal/Package:

  • Check Ebsconet, Harrassowitz or consortium for availability, price, IP access, license requirement
  • If *we* need to do a new license, request it from Ebsco or Harrossowitz rep, review and negotiate
  • Note order on calendar to check for access
  • Activate at hosting platform if necessary. Information could be through eleres notification. Can check with vendor (EBSCONet, NERL, etc.)
  • Add host stanza to proxy server configuration file
  • Activate in SFX Knowledgebase.
    • Activate target and target service if necessary, editing fields in these edit screens, checking ILL rights, etc. See SFX Targets - Activating.
    • Activate the object portfolio, checking date threshold and access.
    • If no object portfolio is available, search for the object and add a local portfolio. Report to SFX and track or ask Catherine to do so.
    • Note: SFX activation of ejournals will also provide “View Now” access in WCL when an SFX file is loaded.
  • If fulltext is NOT permitted on ereserve, notify EReserves
  • Debit selector credits if appropriate (W\Departmental_Folders\Acquisitions\FY(xx)_selector_credits.xls)
  • Add Technical Support, administrative and usage site (if new) contact and login info to Google Contacts.
  • Notify selector and or faculty requestor when resource is live.
  • When completed, send to Christine Turner for eleres blog posting.
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