Blocking Theses from Public View in ScholarWorks

On rare occasions - withdrawal requests from the author, temporary blockage requests from the Graduate School Office - it is necessary to block an uploaded thesis from public view in Scholarworks. There are three ways to do this:

1) The first option is to hide the paper using the “Hide this article so that it's not displayed on the site” setting on the article's configuration page. This has a very similar effect as withdrawing, except the download button would still be active if someone were to use the direct URL. To achieve this option: using the Scholarworks Tools option, click on ir_series then on the 'theses' series. From there, click on the Configuration tab then on “show <number> articles” to get the full list. Find the number of the article in question and click on that. This will bring up a page showing the title of the article and an option for Hiding the article. You may also want to check the box to exclude the article from featured listings. Once the appropriate box(es) are checked, click on Submit Changes then Update Site. This is the preferred method for temporarily hiding works from the public view.

2) The second option is to withdraw the thesis using “Remove Thesis” within Manage Theses with the Scholarworks Tools option. This disables the PDF download, rendering the submission metadata-only, and disables all links going to the paper from the main series page. This also will prevent it from showing up in Search results. The only way to get to the page after it's withdrawn is by directly typing in the URL. Once the full submission is ready to be published, BePress can revert the status to pending and the library can then re-post.

3) A third option is to request BePress to delete the submission entirely and have them re-load the thesis when it is available for publication.

Please check with the metadata librarian before any of these steps are taken.

Primary Contact: Meghan Banach

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