USING MarcEdit for Batch Conversions of OCLC records via Connexion

These instructions are for those tasks which involve pulling OCLC records into a local Connexion Save File and running these records through MarcEdit for any conversions needed. The records are then imported back into Connexion and batch uploaded to OCLC. These particular instructions are for Scholarworks dissertation/theses URLs which need to be uploaded into Aleph.


Compile a list of Scholarworks URLs by logging into My Account at

  • Click on (tools to configure this site)
  • Click on desired ir_etd series (i.e., masters_theses_2)
  • Click on Manage theses (or dissertations)
  • Click on Batch revise Excel
  • Click on Generate
  • Then Download the resulting spreadsheet. The URLs are in a far right column under calc_url.

Copy the list into Notepad++ and modify the URLs to remove http:
and to replace all backslashes with spaces. Underscores may be left in.

Example: http:\\\masters_theses_2\63\ becomes masters_theses_2 63

Save file to a previously named directory (i.e., C:\Temp\Batch\Masters2.txt)


Create a new Save file if it does not already exist: i.e., ScholarworksBatch. Set as default.

Open Batch –> Enter Bibliographic Batch Search Keys

Make sure the directory you want to export the records into is displayed in Local File

Set default index am= (Access Phrase Method=am)

Import text file from Notepad++ (i.e, C:\Temp\Batch\Masters2.txt).

Save. Close.

Open Batch –> Process Batch.

Check box on left hand side for the local save file you want the records to load into (ScholarworksBATCH)

Click Ok. Files will import into chosen local save file.

Open chosen local save file.

Go to Tools –> Options –> Export

Create file to export records into on your hard drive - i.e., C:\Temp\Batch\dissconv1 or highlight a previously used file name in the list.

Check “Display report” box.

Apply. Close.

Open Connexion Local Save file (ScholarworksBATCH)

Highlight all records you want to work with.

Go to Action –> Export to C:\Temp\Batch\dissconv1.dat


This assumes there is already a Task set up in MarcEdit editor to run the records through.

Open MarcTools.

Input file: C:\Temp\Batch\dissconv1.dat

Output file: C:\Temp\Batch\dissconv1.mb

Highlight MarcBreaker in the Functions list.

Click on Execute. This will download all records from your C: file.

To edit records:

Tools –> Assigned tasks (i.e., dissconv)

Run RDA helper if needed


Go back to MarcTools

Input file: C:\Temp\Batch\dissconv1.mb

Output file: C:\Temp\Batch\

Highlight MarcMaker.



Go to File Manager –> Import Records.

File to import: C:\Temp\Batch\

Import to local save file (i.e., T:\oclcapps\Connexion\ScholarworksBatch.bib.db)

Click OK.

Note: This will add to whatever records are already in that save file. The new records will not have OCLC numbers assigned.

Kay Dion 2015/08/18

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