Dissertations Access and Public Information

UMass dissertations and theses from May 2014- on will no longer have a permanent Campus Access status. Instead, each author can opt to make his or her dissertation Campus Access only for a period of one or five years. This will be noted on the individual Scholarworks metadata pages along with any embargo dates. Since it will be difficult to keep track of exactly when a work will become open access, as well as when an embargo is lifted, the usual cataloging practices must be tweaked a bit.

Note that some works have both restricted access and an embargo period. Some will become open access before their embargo period is up, and some will remain campus access after the embargo period is lifted. The dissertation and thesis cataloger will need to keep track with the following spreadsheet on the Library's server:


Cataloging temporarily restricted access works

In the original cataloging record, retain the 506 0_ Open access field. Do not change it to 506 1_ with the restricted access note. Upload finished cataloging copy to OCLC.

Import record to Aleph. Add the following:

590 NOTE: Access restricted to the UMass community until approximately <date, i.e. September 2015>

Include the 'silk' server path in the holdings record's 856 field URL (<URL> ) if necessary.

Once the campus access restriction is lifted, remove the 590 note as well as the 'silk' server path from the 856 field.

Cataloging embargoed works

If there is an embargo period, a full record cannot be uploaded to OCLC until the embargo is lifted and pagination etc information can be obtained. In this case, create a temp record in Aleph and add the following:

590 NOTE: At the request of the author, this dissertation is currently under embargo and will not be available until <date on Scholarworks metadata page>.

Add the field:

506 1_ Access restricted to the UMass community until approximately <date>.

When adding the 856 field URL to the holdings record, include the 'silk' server path as above.

Once a full OCLC cataloging record is exported to Aleph, remove the 590 embargo note and add a 590 restricted access note if required.

IMPORTANT! Remember to change the 856 in the holdings record once the Scholarworks metadata page switches from campus-only access to open access!


The spreadsheet must be kept updated with entries removed once they become open access and/or no longer embargoed, and new entries added as required. One-year restricted access works will need to be manually changed from campus to open in the back end of Scholarworks, but five-year restricted access works will automatically be done by the system.

Contact person: Kay Dion

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