SFX Statistics Query 12: Full-Text Not Found Report

As of 2016, Full Text Found reports are no longer reviewed.

Query 12 aka the SFX Fulltext not Found report counts the unfilled requests to SFX. It is run monthly on the previous month's data in the offline table, all requests listed.

Top 100 or so most requested items are reviewed for:

  a. Correct activation in SFX / linking or threshold problems
  b. Desirability of addition to our collection if open access
  c. Possibility of move to online if we have a print subscription

Notations are made to speed lookup of subsequent occurrences of the title in following months and make easy identification of publisher.

Query 12 is also run at the end of fiscal and calendar years to gather those ranges of dates. This summary report is reviewed as above. Pricing is added for the top / most desired titles and the report sent to Selectors with requested Desiderata additions.

All reports are stored on the W drive at \Departmental_Folders\Acquisitions\SFX_Project\[YR]Statistics

Primary contact: Jack Mulvaney

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