Replacements: Materials without EAST retention commitments

Replacement copy arrives with information re call number or barcode of the lost item.

Is the replacement copy the same edition as the lost item? If so, proceed to: “Replacements : Matching records.”

If not:

  • Withdraw the lost item, following the instructions for Withdrawals.
  • Find and export a matching record from WorldCat.
  • Be sure to include an internal note in both the withdrawn and the replacement item records explaining that the withdrawn book is being replaced by a different edition.
   WDN 12-27-18; [mfl, replaced by 1999 ed.]
   WDN 12-27-18; [mfl, replacement copy for 1935 ed.]

Replacements: Matching records

  • Change the Item Process Status for the lost item to MI (not WD), which will suppress the item from the OPAC display.
  • Add an Internal note: “Lost and replaced by patron [date, initials].”
  • Create a new item record for the replacement copy.
  • Update the copy number.
  • Add the following internal note: “Replacement copy [date, initals].”
  • Code the Statistic as a gift: 02, unless the book was replaced by the library.
  • Check the OPAC to confirm that the item now appears “available.”
  • End process the replacement copy.
  • Put replacement copy on a circulation truck.

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