The gift policy is available at A list of contacts for donations is available at the end of the policy. Please refer all inquiries for donations to the appropriate email account.

For general collections donations, Sally Krash is currently serving as the gifts librarian. Sally may reach out to internal colleagues for guidance on specific donations. That may include another librarian working with a potential donor, depending on the kind and nature of the gift. However, any colleague that is not comfortable working directly with a donor can let Sally know, and Sally will handle the communication.

The following is sample language that is used for general donations. Please note, this language is only an example, and may be modified based on the donor, the nature of the donation, the materials being offered, and other things that we may not be able to predict.

Sample language for general donations inquiries

Thank you for thinking of us. For gift donations, we would need the following:

A list of titles with ISBNs (or publication data if an ISBN was not assigned) not held by any of the Five College Libraries. Our combined catalog can be consulted at

Please send that list. From that list we review how the titles fit into our Collections Priorities and make a decision about whether or not we will accept the donation. We may accept some titles and not others. As well, once books are accepted into our collections they fall under our collections management strategy and may be moved to the Five College Annex or another facility or library.

Once we have reviewed the list and made decisions, I will reach out to you to let you know what we can accept.

Thank you again for thinking of us.

Last Copy in the Valley Policy

Last Copy in the Valley Policy

  • The Last Copy Policy only pertains to materials already owned by the Five College libraries. So, if we do not own the title, we are not obligated to accept it under this policy.
  • As long as there is one copy of a title in the Five College libraries, we do not accept the gift.


We no longer put book plates in books. Our current procedure is to annotate the records to indicate the material is a gift donation.

How to prep a gift for cataloging and processing

Each gift must have a gift flag filled out and inserted into the material before is placed on the gift shelves to be cataloged and processed. Materials without gift flags will not be processed as we will be missing critical information about the gift.

link to Gifts Procedure for Unplanned Gifts

Primary contact: Sally Krash

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