Faculty Writing Place - Cataloging & Processing

Bib Record

Edit or prepare bib record as usual.

Item Record

  • Sublibrary = UMDUB
  • Collection = UGEN
  • Item Status = 03
  • Item Processing Status = PC
  • OPAC note = Shelved in Faculty Writing Place

(Remember to press UPDATE after filling in all these fields!)

Holdings Record

Link to existing holdings record or create new holdings record, depending on situation.

Added Copies

Items going to the Faculty Writing Place are considered to be Du Bois stacks copies that happen to be shelved in a different place, so if we already have a copy in the stacks, make this one copy 2. If we receive 2 copies, one for the stacks and one for the Faculty Writing Place, they will be copy 1 and copy 2. If, after putting a title in the Faculty Writing Place, we get a copy for the stacks, it will be copy 2. However, any copies in the Science Library (ISEL) are D/Ds and have their own range of copy numbers.

End Processing

  • Plate, target, stamp
  • No location on call no. spine label
  • Faculty Writing Room sticker a little above the call no. spine label (sorry, sticker says Room instead of Place)
  • Non-Circ sticker on spine

Checkout & Delivery

  • Item processing status: blank
  • Take to Stacks Management and put it on Andrea's desk.

Note: Faculty Writing Place is currently in Room 1602.

Primary contact: Julie Miles

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