ETD Digitization Project Shipping Process

Item Process Statuses:

DI = in process (scanning)

DO = out for scanning

MI = withdrawn (suppressed)

Pulling and checking dissertations for damage pre-scanning

Working from the Masterfile list, create an Excel list by Department (i.e. Education), sorted by call number (year, alphabetical author name). IMPORTANT: Indicate on this list which dissertations/theses have been already scanned! Select the theses and dissertations to be sent out for scanning, next on the list, by the Department(s) we are working on. We send the Internet Archive 6 trucks, containing about 500 items total–though this number will vary according to how many theses are sent relative to the (usually thicker) dissertations.

Create a pull list for the students following the examples on the W: drive. Detailed instructions are available at ETD Digitization Project/Workflow Instructions/Pulllist_Processing_Workflow. This document will be updated as steps change or are finalized.

  • Have students pull titles from shelves
  • Note any missing titles as these will have to be requested from the Bunker

Check all titles for damage or missing pages. More detailed handouts regarding opaque pages and other things to look for are found on the W: drive under ETD Digitization project/Workflow Drafts, but here are the basics :

  • YELLOW SLIP is for items with double-sided pages
  • GREEN SLIP is for items with opaque pages–if you can read through the paper to see the text on the next page easily, it is not opaque
  • Items with torn or damaged pages go to Lorraine
  • Remove any paperclips
  • Items with inserts or loose pages, ask Lorraine

Put aside any items to request a better copy from the Bunker if they have :

  • Pencil, pen or highlighter markings
  • Blurry text or poorly photocopied images
  • Obvious missing pages
  • Narrow or tight inner margines

Make notes of physical problems to add to the picklist, and place volumes on W.B. Meyer trucks in call number order.

Requesting from the Bunker

Part 1

Request with barcodes :

  1. Login to Aleph
  2. Right click on the gold key icon at the bottom right to login as another user (see staff member for credentials)
  3. Go to the Circ module (double arrows icon at the bottom right)
  4. If you get an error message that says “User denied permission…”, click OK to clear the warning
  5. Aleph menu in the top left
  6. Choose Connect to… –> DEP50
  7. Select the Book icon in the menu on the left side (background menu color will be orange)
  8. Scan in barcode in bottom search box
  9. When the item appears in the Items list, request the item using the Hold Request button
  10. In the Patron Information box, type UM-MATMAN into the Patron ID/Barcode field
  11. In the form, check the box next to Title Request to change the location to UMDUB (Note : without Title Request checked, FCDPT and UMDPT are the only options available in this field)
  12. Click OK, the item is requested!

Part 2

Receive Depository items at UM and check out DP/UM items under MATMAN user. See detailed instructions at W:ETD Digitization Project/Workflow Instructions/PullList_Processing_Workflow under Check out DP/UM Items under MATMAN. All items will receive an Item Process Status of DI. Prepare the Pick List, using the Opticon device (DPN2001 Companion Application software required (Appload)). Student will change the item Process status to DI (in process for scanning) using a handheld scanner. Part 3 W:ETD Digitization Project/Workflow Instructions/PullList_Processing_Workflow under Check in DP/UM Items under MATMAN.

Creating the picklist

After we have prepared the necessary number of trucks (usually 6) of dissertations to send, use Aleph services to create an Excel spreadsheet with data for of all items with DI (in process for scanning) in the item process status

The order of the items on the list needs to match the order of the volumes on the trucks. Usually it’s easier to change the list but occasionally we will move the volumes to match the list.

After the list is in the correct order, the columns of information need to be copied and pasted into the Wonderfetch template located on the W drive/Open Content Alliance/Picklists.

Add notes regarding physical condition and special treatment of pages.

Give picklist to Lorraine James and Tyler to double check that the list and volumes match and all notes have been added to the correct item on the list.

Call the contact person at the Internet Archive who will schedule pickup and delivery by W.B. Meyer.

Truck preparation

Place a paper copy of the picklist on the first truck of the shipment.

Shrink wrap the truck, stuffing with crumpled papers on each shelf so books don’t shift during shipping. (Stacks will do this)

An electronic copy is sent to the contact person at the Internet Archive

Receiving trucks from OCA

Truck driver calls our contact person when he reaches the loading dock

Take the loaded wooden Meyer trucks to the loading dock for shipment to Boston

Accept the trucks returning from Boston after being scanned by OCA

Check the volumes against our original picklist to be sure all volumes have been returned. Count to see if there are the same number of items on the picklist

When the old shipment is returned back to us from the Internet Archive, use Aleph Services to change all the item process statuses from DO (out for scanning) to MI (withdrawn suppressed)

Then using Aleph Services change all the item process statuses on the new shipment from DI (in process for scanning) to DO (out for scanning). Make sure to do it in this order. Take DO out of the records for the old shipment before changing the new shipment to DO.

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