Selecting Vendors for Monographs DRAFT

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Current U.S. Publications (published within the last 2 years)

All University Press publications regardless of age

  • Check Yankee's GOBI website first
  • If it is in stock, place an order.
  • If GOBI has no note on availability, place an order via website for anything but Rushes
  • For Rushes, find a faster source & BLOCK the title in Gobi.
  • If not yet published, block it on GOBI and pre-order it from Amazon.
  • If GOBI lists the book as out of print, go to an OP source.

Yankee vendor codes

  • Yank3 for any orders with Vendor notes, i.e. volumes, editions, addresses
  • B&T for RUSH orders placed on Yankee website’s Express service
  • Gobi2 automatically set for selectors’ slips orders via Gobi website

Any U.S. titles older than 2 years not listed on Yankee website as in stock

Order from Amazon if it's not an Endowment or FOL order. If it is an Endowment or FOL order use Midwest.

Any items listed by Yankee and/or Amazon as OP

Order from Amazon if they have it (often a marketplace vendor) or another OP source such as Abebooks or Alibris using a credit card.

Endowment and FOL orders

  • You cannot use a credit card for these orders.
  • If possible, order from Yankee as a RUSH on the GOBI website. (Select the free shipping option.)
  • If it's not in stock with Yankee, then send the order to Midwest.
  • Be sure to specify very clearly that the item needs to be invoiced separately because it is being paid with special funds.

DVD & Video

Use Amazon or other online vendors if possible. Midwest Tape may also be an option but it is not fast, and the order form has to be done just right because the items will come shelf-ready.

Music orders

Use vendor information given on the flyers provided as these are specialty items.

Foreign Vendors

Books that list several countries in their imprint

Current (published within the last 2 years) publications with a U.S. office

Follow suggestions for current U.S. publications

Older publications with U.S. office

check if “in stock” with U.S. sources

If available, order locally.

If not, order from vendor for original country

EX: London; New York; Johannesburg : Oxford University Press, 1995

If Yankee or Amazon has this, order there. Be sure to check Amazon sites of other countries- AmazonUK, AmazonDE, etc.

Vendors not to use

Do not use the following vendors:
  • Random House (they will not acknowledge tax exempt status on orders)
  • Barnes and Noble (they do not properly handle tax exempt status on orders)

Primary Contact: Rebecca Addison 2009/05/20 14:25

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