Creating Connexion Macros

There are two ways to create your own personal macros in Connexion - via Edit and via Record. Edit requires you to know the macro code or at least have a copy of the desired code; Record allows to 'record' the macro as you type in Connexion.

Using Edit

  • Open Connexion
  • Go to Tools → Macros → Manage
  • Highlight the Cataloging directory in the left hand column. If you do not have this directory, contact Systems and ask them to add it.
  • Click on New Macro
  • Enter description of macro in pop-up box (i.e., Enters 910 field)
  • Look for highlighted 'New Macro' in white box in left hand column. Give it a name. (i.e., 910_field). Do not use spaces.
  • Click on Edit. This will pop up a new window.
  • Enter code between Sub Main and End Sub (see R:Connexion Macros for a few we have available). The code is space-sensitive so it may take a few trials and errors to get it right.
  • Save.

Using Record

  • Open Connexion
  • Open a generic workform
  • Position your cursor where you want the macro to begin - i.e., Field number block, field text block
  • Go to Tools → Macros → Manage
  • Click on Record
  • Input a name for and a description of the macro
  • Begin typing the macro information. When done ..
  • Click on the red-square Stop button (upper left corner of Connexion)

Setting a Macro Key

  • Go back to Tools → Keymaps
  • Highlight your macro in the left-hand column
  • Select the function key/combo you want. Press key(s).
  • Click on Assign
  • Test!

Created by Kay Dion - November 2016

Primary contact: Catherine Knapp

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