Scholarly Communications Office Materials to be Cataloged

Laura Quilter occasionally requests that significant works on copyright be cataloged to the Scholarly Communications Office. These are often loose-leaf services that need to be updated.

These materials are non-circulating, although by agreement with Laura, any library user can come and use them.


Treat as Rush cataloging.

Loose-leaf publications are considered continuing resources and should be cataloged by serials staff.

Flag the item with a routing slip saying “Working tool for Scholarly Communications“

Apply normal cataloging standards, so that the record can be used without further editing if a circulating copy is later ordered.

Barcode and link the item, as normal.

Code the item records UGEN with an item status 03 non-circulating. Add a subfield k to call number: SCHOL COMM (to facilitate labeling). Also, add an OPAC note that says “Shelved on the 19th floor in the Scholarly Communication Office”

Add a local holdings record for the item in OCLC.


For further processing instructions see:

Staff Working Tools Procedures on the wiki:

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