Correcting theses and dissertations metadata on ScholarWorks pages:

These instructions work for correcting metadata for all Masters theses and for dissertations in the Open Access Dissertations series. For errors with the dissertations we get through Proquest email: When emailing Proquest, do not mention ScholarWorks, Digital Commons, or Bepress. Instead find the incorrect data on the Proquest website and report that instead. Otherwise Proquest support will bounce you over to Bepress support, who will just bounce you back to Proquest support.

1. Login to ScholarWorks

2. Click on Tools to configure the site

3. Select the correct series: either theses or open access dissertations

4. Click on manage dissertations or manage theses (the green tab)

5. At the top of the page there is a drop down box labeled state. Choose posted.

6. Search for the particular thesis or dissertation you need to edit the metadata in. Author last name will usually bring it up.

7. Click on the title in the search results list

8. Then click on Revise thesis in the left hand menu of options

9. Fix any errors or typos in the metadata (NOTE: There are two scroll bars to move up and down on the right hand side. Use the inside scroll bar to move up and down in the metadata form.)

10. Fill in the space where it asks for a reason for the update - something like: fixed typo in title

11. Scroll down to the bottom of the metadata form and click Submit

12. Then click on update site on the left hand menu

13. The change has been made and will show up on the web page in a few minutes. If you want to see it don’t forget to reload the web page on your browser.

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