Bind mark for each serial can be found in 'Subscription info tab'. If this note was lost in the migration to ALEPH, refer to previously bound volumes for regular pattern. DRAFT

Bind Mark Item record:egs. ABLE bind.slip:egs.(Spine)

ed                       3rd ed.  4th ed.       3rd ed.  4th ed.
month,yr                 Jan-Mar 2009           JAN-MAR\2009
no                       no.1-2                 NO.1-2     
no,month,yr              no.1-2 Jan-Feb 2009    NO.1-2\JAN-FEB\2009
no,yr                    no.1 2007              NO.1\2007
ordinal no               1st-3rd                1st-3rd
ser,vol,yr               n.s. v.5 2009          N.S.\5\2009
                         ser.2 v.5 2009         SER.2\5\2009
suppl,vol,yr             Suppl. 37 1995         SUPPL.\37\1995

(Suppl.bound by itself)

suppl,yr                 Suppl. 2001            SUPPL.\2001

(Suppl bound by itself) 2003 SUPPL.NO.1\2003

vol                      v.28                   28
vol,abstract no,yr       v.28 1234-2345 2008    28\1234-2345\2008
vol,mo,yr                v.12 Dec 2007          12\DEC\2007
vol,pages,yr             v.12 p.1-876 2001      12\p.1-876\2001
vol,pt,yr                v.33 pt.1 2009         33\PT.1\2009
vol,no,yr                v.1 no.1 2001          1\NO.1\2001
vol,season,yr            v.100 Win-Spr 2009     100\WIN-SPR\2009
vol,yr                   v.10 2010              10\2010
vol,yr,abstract no       v.10 2010 1-100        10\2010\1-100
vol,yr,no                v.1 2010 no.1          1\2010\NO.1
vol,yr,pages             v.10 2009 p.1-111      10\2009\p.1-111
vol,yr,pt                v.1 2008 pt.3          1\2008\PT.3
vol,yr,suppl             v.10 2007 +Suppl.      10\2007\SUPPL.

(regular vol, or v.10 no.1-2 2007 10\NO.1-2\2007\

partial vol plus         +Suppl.                SUPPL.
yr                        2001  2001-02         2001 2001-02
                          1999-2000             1999-2000
yr,no                     2001 no.1             2001\NO.1
yr,vol                    2009 v.9              2009\9
index,vol,yr              Index v.27            INDEX\27\2005
month,yr,abs no           Dec 1995              DEC\1995\
                          146-168               146-168
vol,mo,pt,yr              v.26 Feb pt.1         26\FEB\pt.1\      
                          2006                  2006
vol,no,yr,pages           v.1 no.2 2003         1\NO.2\2003\
                          p.44-45               44-45
vol,yr,index              v.11 1991             11\1991\
                          +Index 10-11          INDEX\10-11\
                          1990-91               1990-91
vol,yr,special issue      v.2 2002              2\2002\
(vol. plus spec.iss.)     +Special Issue        Spec.Iss.
yr,season                 1999 Win-Spr          1999\WIN-SPR

(When an item consists only of a supplement or an index, that information should be first on the spine.)

supplement to a vol.       v.20 Suppl.           SUPPL. 20

Primary contact: Nancy Washburn

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