Log in to OCLC with the Mount Holyoke password

(Saved on the R drive in the cataloging folder in a document called “mount holyoke oclc password”)

Log in to Aleph with Mount Holyoke permissions

Look up brief bib in Aleph

  • The item will have an MHC barcode label affixed to it.
  • The item status will be “In Process” and there will be an OPAC note that says “Sent to UMass MM/DD/YY”
  • The item will have a purple slip indicating the SYS #of the item, the date sent and any additional notes.

Find a matching record on OCLC and edit it as needed or create a new record on OCLC

Classify as normal with LC class numbers

Export the record to Aleph to overlay the brief bib

Add a 910 “UM for MH”

Add an item record to Mount Holyoke Admin and give the item an IP status for In Process

Add a holdings record

Turn the slip around, so the part sticking out of the book indicates it's being returned to MHC.

Barcode book

Count statistics on Mount Holyoke Cataloging statistics sheet

DVD classification

For nonfiction DVDs classify according to subject

For fiction DVDs:

Originally released before 2000, use PN1997 cuttered by title of the film plus date.

  ex: The Graduate (released in 1967; on DVD 2005)  PN1997 .G712 2005

Originally released after 2000, use PN1997.2 cuttered by the title plus date.

  ex: Bend It Like Beckham  (released in 2003)  PN1997.2 B45 2003 

For anthologies of films, use PN1997 .A1 cuttered by the title plus date.

  ex: The Marx Brothers : Monkey business ; Duck soup ; and, A day at the races   PN1997.A1 M218 1993


For gift items, there will be a bookplate in the book indicating it's an MHC item and a purple slip in the item.

* Create or export a record for the item to Aleph

  • Affix a barcode label
  • Set the item status to “In Processing”
  • Add an OPAC note that says “At UMass MM/DD/YY”
  • Add an internal note that indicates the donor

Primary contact: Meghan Banach

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