ScholarWorks Theses and Dissertations Series Abbreviations

Dissertations Collection Series Name Program Abbrev. ir_series abbreviation
Accounting Department ACCGT accounting_diss
Afro-American Studies AFRAM afroam_diss
Animal Biotechnology & Biomedical Sciences ANSCI ansci_diss
Anthropology Department ANTH anthro_diss
Art, Architecture & Art History ART art_diss
Astronomy Department ASTRO astro_diss
Bacteriology (old program) (none) bact_diss
Biology Department BIOL biology_diss
Chemical Engineering CH E che_diss
Chemistry Department CHEM chemistry_diss
Civil & Environmental Engineering C E cee_diss
Communication Disorders Department COMDS comdis_diss
Communication Department COMM communication_diss
Comparative Literature Program COMLIT complit_diss
Computer Science CMPSC cs_diss
Economics Department ECON economics_diss
Education, School of EDUC education_diss
Electrical & Computer Engineering ECE ece_diss
English Department ENGL eng_diss
Exercise Science Department EXSCI exsci_diss
Finance & Operations Department FINOP finopmgt_diss
Food Science Department FDSCI foodsci_diss
Forest Resources FREST forest_diss
French & Francophone Studies FRNST french_diss
Geosciences Department GEOSC geo_diss
German and Scandinavian Studies GRMAN germanic_diss
Hispanic Literatures, Cultures, and Linguistics HSPAN spanport_diss
History Department HIST history_diss
Horticulture (old program) (none) hort_diss
Industrial Engineering & Operations Research IEOR ieor_diss
Kinesiology Department KINES kinesiology_diss
Linguistics Department LING linguist_diss
Management SOM management_dissertations
Marine Sciences and Technology MRNSC marine
Marketing Department SOM marketing_diss
Mathematics and Statistics MATH math_diss
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering M E mie_diss
Microbiology Department MICBIO micro_diss
Molecular & Cellular Biology MCB mcb_diss
Music MUSIC music_diss
Neuroscience and Behavior NSB neuro_diss
Nursing, School of NURSE nursing_diss
Nutrition Department NUTRN nutrition_diss
Organismic and Evolutionary Biology OEB oeb_diss
Philosophy Department PHIL philosophy_diss
Physics Department PHYSC physics_diss
Plant Biology PB plantbio_diss
Plant, Soil & Insect Sciences PLSOIL psis_diss
Political Science Department POLSCI polsci_diss
Polymer Science & Engineering PS E pse_diss
Psychology Department PSYCH psych_diss
Public Health Department PUBHL public_health_diss
Regional Planning REGPL larp_diss
Resource Economics Department RESEC resec_diss
Sociology Department SOCIOL sociol_diss
Sports Management Department SPTMG sportsmgt_diss
Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation WFCON wfc_diss
Theses Collection Series Name Program abbrev. ir_series abbreviation
Animal Biotechnology & Biomedical Sciences ANSCI vasci_theses
Anthropology Department ANTHRO anthro_theses
Art, Studio ART art_theses
Biochemistry BIOCH biochem_theses
Biology Department BIO biology_theses
Chemical Engineering CH E che_theses
Chemistry CHEM chem_theses
Civil Engineering CE ce_theses
Communication Department COMM communication_theses
Comparative Literature Program COMPLIT complit_theses
Electrical & Computer Engineering ECE ece_theses
English Department(Non-MFA) ENGL english_theses
English (MFA for Poets and Writers) ENGL englmfa_theses
Entomology ENT entomology_theses
Food Science Department FDSCI foodsci_theses
Forest Resources FREST frest_theses
Geography GEOG geography_theses
Geosciences GEOSC geo_theses
German and Scandinavian Studies GRMAN germanic_theses
Hispanic Literatures and Linguistics HSPAN hspan_theses
History Department HIST history_theses
Hospitality & Tourism Management HTMGT htm_theses
Industrial Engineering & Operations Research IE ieor_theses
Japanese JAPAN japan_theses
Kinesiology Department KINES kinesiology_theses
Landscape Architecture LA la_theses
Land Architecture/Regional Planning Dual Degree LARP larp_theses
Marine Sciences MRNSC marine
Mechanical Engineering M E me_theses
MFA Program for Poets & Writers ENGL englmfa_theses
Microbiology Department MICBIO micro_theses
Molecular and Cellular Biology MCB mcb_theses
Music MUSIC music_theses
Neuroscience and Behavior NSB neuro_theses
Nutrition Department NUTR nutrition_theses
Organismic and Evolutionary Biology OEB oeb_theses
Physics Department PHYSC physics_theses
Plant Biology PB plantbio_theses
Plant and Soil Sciences PLSOL plsoil_theses
Psychology Department PSYCH psych_theses
Public Policy & Administration PPA ppa_theses
Regional Planning RP rp_theses
Resource Economics Department RESEC resec_theses
Sociology Department SOCIO social_theses
Sport Management SPTMGT sportmgt_theses
Theater Department THEATR theater_theses
Wildlife & Fisheries Conservation WFCON wfcon_theses

Primary Contact: Meghan Banach

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