Closing monographic series records

Most titles end publication at one time or another, with or without completing the series. The Acquisitions team will pass on any such information to the A/V cataloger, but sometimes there is no formal notification from the publisher so it is necessary to check each latest volume itself via the book jacket (if present) and/or the forewords or introduction in the volume.

  • Change the 260 field by taking out the <> surrounding the last date of publication i.e., 1990-<2015> to 1990-2015.
  • Change the 300 field from v. <1-4> to 4 volumes.

*However if there is a gap in the number of volumes that we have (v. <1-3, 5> change it to the known total of published volumes (5 volumes). People will see in OPAC which volumes we do have.

  • If there is a missing volume, make a 500 note to this effect (i.e., “Library lacks vol. 14”).
  • If the series ceased publication without being complete, make a 500 note to this effect (“No more published”). If, however, there is only one volume the 500 field should read: “Vol. I. No more published.” or “Book one, Lacson as a newspaperman. No more published.”
  • If present, change the 505 field indicator from 1 to 0. Change the 505 1 field to 505 0.
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