Setting holdings on OCLC

Some catalogers do all of their work in Connexion They sets holdings right in Connexion each time they catalogs something Peter saves all records in a save file in Connexion and checks to make sure holdings are set on all records at the end of every month

Catalogers add a 930 OCLC field to the records in Aleph usually using a macro Twice a month Lucy does an OCLC batch process to add these holdings Pulls a list for all records that have a 930 with OCLC in them via Aleph services does batch update in Connexion Deletes the 930 fields out of the records after the holdings are set

The above two processes also apply to all material ordered non-shelf ready by Rebecca which gets reviewed by catalogers.

Print serial new title Cataloger creates a local holdings record in Connexion that shows with volumes and issues we have

For records batch loaded via OCLC Collection Manager Collection Manager sets holdings automatically For Vendor record loads Mary Ann uploads OCLC numbers for all the records to OCLC Collection Manager to set the holdings

SFX - We aren’t doing anything now No OCLC holdings are being set Most of the other 4 Colleges weren’t interested in having their e-journal holdings set on OCLC Used to be managed via the OCLC Knowledge Base by Christine, but when Ron took over that didn’t continue We can’t lend all of our e-resources via ILL. Some licenses do allow for ILL lending though. Depending on license we would add holdings for things we could lend but not for things we couldn’t lend. Christine used to do this.

Anything ordered through Yankee - Yankee sets our OCLC holdings for us - for both print and electronic books JSTOR also sets our holdings on OCLC for us

Anne said some schools used to do a sweep of new records and then set OCLC holdings so catalogers didn’t have to remember to set holdings in Connexion or add a 930 field manually


How do we add holdings for individual e-books, e-journals, new databases? Add a 930 field or set holdings right in Connexion

Canceled e-resources - holdings need to be removed from OCLC Record is suppressed in Aleph. Whoever suppresses the record needs to log into Connexion look up the oclc number and remove our holdings on that record.

What is the value of setting holdings if we can’t ILL lend. When using WCL as a discovery interface you want your holdings to show to your users. Also OCLC holdings show what we have purchased access to in Google Scholar.

We can set holdings in OCLC and say they aren’t lendable so ILL doesn’t get requests on things we can’t lend. It’s a setting in Connexion. If the OCLC symbol is in lowercase letters in a catalog record on Connexion in the 040 field it means it’s not lendable.

Aggregators with changing titles - how do we maintain holdings? We don’t add holdings for the aggregators.

Hathi Trust - holdings were set on the out of copyright items that were free for anyone to use Turned off due to problems with linking to in copyright books that couldn't actually be accessed and messy metadata and bad record merging

910 - initials and date to gather cataloging statistics ex. MBB 01/09/2017 928 - AUTHORITY - should always add this field to record in Aleph after exporting the record 930 - OCLC- should always add this field to record in Aleph after exporting the record

Serials OCLC Local holdings record Steve had a process if we update a holdings record in Aleph it will automatically update the OCLC Local holdings record. However, it’s not working right now. Steve and Lucy will talk about what to do. Steve expects OCLC to fix this eventually.

Print journals Cancellations - we have a process which includes closing our holdings to show the last volume we hold in our library.

Ejournals Cancellations - We haven’t created local holdings records on OCLC for ejournals. Often we are able to keep access to the volumes and issues we subscribed but we just stop getting access to the new issues.

Print books - For withdrawals Marcelle removes holdings in Connexion

We should have a separate meeting to discuss issues with maintaining OCLC holdings for e-resources when we have perpetual access or post cancellation access. However, sometimes the vendor moves the access to another platform or the content goes away and you lose access even when you were supposed to have access.

Ebook collections Records are batch loaded and holdings are batch set through Collection Manager by Mary Ann

Streaming Collections like the PBS video collection through Alexander Street Press - We plan to remove records from Aleph and have the discovery and access of the metadata come from EDS instead of loading vendor records. The metadata in EDS is more current and thorough than it is via the vendor record sets. No holdings will be set in OCLC.

For serials in SFX there is no feed to set holdings on OCLC but SFX will show our holdings in Google Scholar. Google Scholar also takes our holdings from WorldCat.

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