Setting holdings on OCLC

There are 2 types of holdings that can be set in OCLC. There are holdings on the master bibliographic record in OCLC. These types of holdings are the most common and some have been using the 930 method to indicate that the bib record should have their holdings set in OCLC. The other type of holdings are local holdings records used primarily for print serials or holdings records that have a holdings statement in the 866. The local holdings records are done by a batch process.

Here, you just need to know how to set holdings on the bibliographic master record in OCLC for records that are new or records that are updated with a new OCLC master record.

You need to set holdings right in Connexion each time you catalog something for everything except electronic resources whether added individually or in batch where no holdings are set for bibliographic records in OCLC. This applies to all material ordered non-shelf ready by Rebecca which gets reviewed by catalogers. Anything ordered through Yankee - Yankee sets our OCLC holdings for us.

There are 3 different ways you can update holdings on a record in Connexion:

1. PressF8 2. Select Action > Holdings > Update Holdings 3. Click the button on the tool bar, you'll see a yellow, up-pointing, arrow on what looks like white pieces of paper.

UMass holdings will be set on the OCLC bibliographic record.

If you make a mistake and want to remove UMass holdings on a record, you can select Action > Holdings > Delete Holdings.

When overlaying a record in Aleph holdings you need to remove the settings from the old record and add it to the new record:

1.) First, cut and paste the OCLC number from the old record in Aleph 2.) Look up the old record by OCLC number in Connexion and delete holdings. 3.) Then, set holdings on the new record before exporting it to Aleph.


Hathi Trust - holdings were set on the out of copyright items that were free for anyone to use Turned off due to problems with linking to in copyright books that couldn't actually be accessed and messy metadata and bad record merging

Serials OCLC Local holdings record Jennifer processes local holdings in OCLC based on information in the 866 field from holdings records in Aleph

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