Serials Workflow: Ceased & Cancelled Titles

Revised July 2020

Serials Ceased Titles

  1. Call up record. Hit Show, hit Serials. You will be in [K] Checkin mode.
  2. Under Expected/Not Arrived (top screen), highlight and delete any expected issues beyond last issue of this title, if they exist.
  3. Go to Subscription List (1). Under 2. Subscription Info. (1), change To Date: to the date of the end of the subscription.
  4. Hit update.

Order Record. (Icon on farthest left.)

  1. Under 2. General, enter CLS (Order Closed).
  2. The following boxes should be checked off: Invoice status “complete” AND Arrival Status “complete.”
  3. Under 3. Vendor, enter Subscription End: date of last issue/end of subscription. Hit Update. (Note certain fields may have to be adjusted, such as Material Type (S should be SE (serials) and List Price requires an entry of 0.01 if price is unknown).
  4. If the title was cataloged as “Latest vol. only retained” and we are not keeping any of the pieces, retrieve the pieces and discard. Delete the record from Aleph and remove our holdings from OCLC.

Bibliographic record

  1. Overlay record in Aleph with updated record from Connexion.
  2. Make sure the OCLC record has updated 362 field, fixed field publication status and dates field data as necessary. Make revisions if necessary and replace the record in Connexion before exporting it to Aleph.
  3. Sometimes there is a title change. Check OCLC record for 785 field. Follow instructions for Title Changes.

HOL record

  1. Update 866 field to add the last volume information end of holdings.
  2. Check for 866 indicators 41 and update correct if needed.
  3. Change location if a transfer. (Add a new HOL record or edit the existing one, depending on whether our holdings are split; link items to appropriate HOL record.)

Periodicals: Item records For Science and Current News & Magazine titles, make sure items and subscription and HOL are linked to the stacks location.

Serials Cancellations

Order record

  1. Under (2.) General make sure there is some kind of cancellation code in the Order Status field (LC=Library cancelled, CLS=closed or CE=cancelled for online version).
  2. Under (3.) Vendor enter today's date in Subscription End field. Hit Update.
  3. In checkin mode (stack of books icon), Under (2.) Expected/Not Arrived (top screen), delete any expected issues beyond the last issue that was received.
  4. Click on [L] Subscription List(1.) Under Subscription Info.(1) enter today's date in the “To Date” field.
  5. If the title is “Latest vol. only retained” and we are not keeping any of the pieces, pull and discard the pieces we have.

Holdings record

  1. Under (4.) HOL Links (bottom screen), highlight the correct item and hit Edit.
  2. Update the 866 field to reflect our holdings. Double check indicators are 41.
  3. Delete the 853X field if there is one
  4. Save the record.

Bib record

Overlay with an updated bib. record from Connexion.

If the title was cataloged to a Reference or SEL Reference location, notify them that the title has been cancelled and see what they would like done with the piece(s).

Contact: Ann KardosContact: Diana Pacunas

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