Five College Microforms Repository Policy

August 2017 version 3.0

Five College Microforms Repository Background Statement

In September, 2010, UMass Amherst Libraries (UMass) proposed to the 5C Collection Management Committee (CMC) that UMass was willing to become a central repository for microforms for the Amherst, Hampshire, Mt. Holyoke and Smith (4C) libraries interested in de-accessioning those materials. Microforms do not now receive the use they once did. This is very similar to creating a central repository for de-duplicated print materials except it would be in the Du Bois Library, which has equipment, service support along with the most extensive open hours.

When this proposal was made, next steps included determining how much microform overlap there is among the libraries. The UMass ILS staff determined that there are approximately 16,000 duplicate titles in microform across the 5C libraries. UMass is willing to accept all non-duplicating microforms for all library materials as well as non-duplicating print guides. The UMass microforms collection is a closed collection; microforms requested by users are retrieved at regular intervals. Anything accepted will circulate to UMass and FC faculty, staff, students, and UMass community users according to UMass microforms loan rules.

The Microforms Repository proposal was vetted with the 5C Circulation, CMC, and Research, Instruction, and Outreach Committees from in fall 2011. Those groups made suggestions for the sake of clarity for 4C staff and users which have been incorporated herein. The 4C agreed further that: •Sending library will to cede ownership of any microforms they transfer to UMass •Sending library agrees that UMass reserves the right to discard duplicate microforms. This includes the same intellectual content duplicated in different microform formats, i.e., microfiche versus microfilm, etc. •Sending library agrees it is acceptable that microforms transferred will display only in the 5C union catalog and the UMass instance of the shared online catalog. •Sending library will not require any statistical reports for microforms once they cede ownership. •None of the 4C have linked their microform collections. •With regard to 4C microform space needs, Hampshire no longer has any microforms. Amherst may be interested at some point due to space considerations. Mt. Holyoke has no pressing space needs at this writing. Smith will probably take advantage after they study microforms usage. •Any microforms in the Microforms Repository fall under the 5C ‘Last Copy’ agreement that governs retention and preservation.


1.Deposit of Materials

a.Selection of Materials
  i.Selection of microforms to be transferred will be made at the discretion of each of the  4C based on local needs
   1.4C agrees to send only non-duplicating microforms not already held at UMass 
  ii.UMass will accept non-duplicating microforms and non-duplicating guides/finding aids that accompany them 
   1.UMass reserves the right to discard any duplicates
  iii.Each of the 4C may at its discretion retain on its campus duplicates of titles deposited in the microforms repository (MR) by other 4C members
b.Transfer of materials
  i.4C libraries must notify the UMass DRMS Coordinator, Information Resources Management Department, prior to shipping any microforms to UMass   
  ii.The following information should be provided in a spreadsheet or tab-delimited document  
   1.List of titles, number of reels/inches of microfiche
   2.ALEPH bib record #
    a.Microforms must have a bibliographic record in Aleph in order to be accepted by UMass
   3.OCLC #, if available
   4.Accompanying guide information, including no. of volumes
  iii.If cabinets are being offered, dimensions of microform cabinets including width, height, and depth ; acceptance of cabinets will be at the discretion of UMass
   iv.The donating library will be responsible for shipping materials to UMass and will coordinate the shipment with the UMass DRMS Coordinator and the Stacks Collection Configuration Specialist, Access Services Department 
c.Records Management 
  i.UMass staff will update records in the Five College library system and related systems (such as OCLC and Discovery)
   1.UMass library will notify donating library when records transfer has been completed
   2.Discovery records will be updated with the next scheduled records load
   3.Donated microforms will be integrated into UMass Microforms accession schema
  ii.Donating library will delete or suppress records in local catalog instance and related third party systems (like OCLC) 

2.Access and Equipment

a.UMass Du Bois Library Use
  i.Users have access to the microforms viewing area all hours the Du Bois Library is open to the public; Hours are available on the Library website at
  ii.Information about using microforms in the UMass Du Bois Library can be found at
  iii.UMass will make reasonable efforts to locate non-duplicating print finding aids/guides to microform sets proximate to the Microforms Viewing Room, space permitting
  iv.UMass commits to providing appropriate microforms equipment  in good working order for the use of microforms in the Du Bois Library
  v.Printing from microforms equipment requires a UCard or guest UCard; Information on printing can be found at 
b.Circulation for Five Colleges
  i.Microforms will circulate to faculty, staff, students and community borrowers for 28 days
  ii.Microform use: fill out the online microforms request form and indicate the desired pickup point, 
  iii.Articles from microforms:  submit an Interlibrary Loan request with the user’s library
  iv.Delivery turnaround time is 24 hours (M-F) for loans and article delivery
  v.Microforms will be supplied through the 5C delivery service
c.Interlibrary Loan to External Libraries
  i.Requests for use of microforms other than Five College libraries will be processed through standard interlibrary loan procedures and will follow the National Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States
  ii.Fees for interlibrary loan services will be according to the current UMass ILL policy: 
  i.Any of the 4C may borrow microforms on extended loan for reserve use
  ii.Arrangements should be made library to library with appropriate staff

3.Lost or Damaged Materials

a.UMass will bill the initiating library for all microforms borrowed from the MR that are lost or damaged


Version 3.0 draft August 2017

Changes: •Section 1: Deposit of Materials

oConsolidated original sections about Deposit of Materials and Duplication into 1a
oSection on Transfer of Materials moved to 1b; updated wording and position titles
oSection on Online Catalog Record Workflow moved to 1c and renamed Records Management; updated wording

•Section 2: Access and Equipment

oHours of Operation and Service moved to 2a; renamed UMass Du Bois Library Use
 Added a link to the UMass Library website  
 Added link to Microforms web page
 Added link to Printing web page
oCirculation section moved to 2b
 Updated Circulation link
oInterlibrary Loan section moved to 2c; renamed to Interlibrary Loan to External Libraries
 Updated Interlibrary loan link

•Section 3: Use of Repository Materials for Reserve renamed to Reserves

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