Procedures for Reporting Access and Functionality Problems with Electronic Resources

Who: Service points staff or patrons experiencing access or performance problems with electronic content (e-journals, e-books, streaming files, databases, etc.)

How to report: send email to

Information to include from service points staff or patron for e-resources staff. If you are receiving a report from a patron, please ask them to send us this information:

  • title of resource in question
  • who is making report, including contact information (also true of referrals from LibAnswers)
  • how did user get to that resource, ie. library web page, LibGuide, OPAC, WCL, SFX/UMLinks, bookmark, database, etc.
  • is user on campus or off?
  • What browser and operating system is in use?
  • nature of problem, e.g. blank screen, prompted for login, holding statement inaccurate, downloading problem. Error messages and screen shots are helpful.

Why is this important?

  • Helps us know what resources or tools are problematic for our users and how much time to allocate to maintenance.
  • Informs purchase/renewal decisions when problems with publisher or platform are consistent or ongoing.
  • Ultimately improves the users’ experience with connecting to our electronic collections

Coverage, BUT we'll respond to reports submitted at ANY time:

Primary contact: Scott Stangroom

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