Print cancellation workflow

Order status codes for print cancellations:

  • LC = Library cancelled (for Library-initiated cancellation that doesn’t qualify as a CE)
  • VC = Vendor cancelled (vendor-initiated cancellation)
  • CLS = closed (Miscellaneous Library-initiated cancellations such as “no longer receiving”)
  • CE = print cancellations for online access.

Clarification of CE (cancelled print for online)

A print cancellation should only be coded CE if being replaced by a paid subscription to the online version of the journal. This can be either through a single online subscription or a package provided by a single publisher. The print cancellation should be coded LC if the online access is through a database or aggregator(s).

Workflow issues regarding CE print cancellations

Updating online order records

If the online record for the title corresponding to a CE print cancellation has an order with status SV (Sent to Vendor), indicating that it comes on the print subscription, that order needs to be closed and a note entered into the Library Note field about how the online version is currently being accessed. The Serials Cataloger/Cataloging assistant receiving the print title will initiate this process, either through a current list pertaining to a particular package, or by notifying the electronic resources group. Since the electronic resources people do not need to add orders to online records where access is being provided by a single-publisher package, the note regarding online access may be inserted in the Library Note field of the order attached to the CE print cancellation.

Other issues of concern

  1. An online subscription corresponding to a CE print cancellation should not have an embargo on current or latest years of access.
  2. Double access to a particular online publisher on an SFX screen, e.g. through both Highwire and Sage Premier, should be reported to the electronic resources group.
  3. Discrepancies between holdings mentioned on the SFX screen and actual access should be reported to dbhelp.
NOTE: The SFX record should indicate paid-for holdings **only**

Where access exists for more years than shown by the SFX screen, this “accidental” access may disappear, and so should not be added to the holdings.

Print cessations continued by online access

Online access available in various ways

Some ceased print journals may continue to be available online not as an electronic version of the actual journal, but via a webpage or database involving a convoluted path of access. Occasionally (particularly if this information not free), the serials cataloger or cataloging assistant may notify the selector as to whether he/she would like the online site added as a resource in our catalog, either by having SFX turned on (if it is available) or by supplying a new record.

If the information is free, it is not necessary to notify the selector.

If judged useful and convenient, patrons may be informed about about electronic access by inserting added-title entries into the blanket record for the database involved (e.g., Westlaw Campus).

Online access available as electronic journal

If the online continuation of a ceased print title is free, and a record is present in OCLC (meaning it will become available to us via Worldcat Local), we do not need to worry about cataloging the online version. Canadian government documents are an example of this kind of title.

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