Receiving ILL RUSH items As always when receiving an item, check the “Library Notes” field in the order record in ALEPH. If the item is a BOD (or Book on High Demand) it will be noted in this field as “ILL RUSH.” Receive and copy catalog the item if it is associated with an acceptable record, or for which such a record can be found in OCLC. Whether or not you can copy catalog the item, after completing work on it in ALEPH, you need to then process it in ILLiad before passing it on to Linda Fish (if you cataloged it) or Rachel Hobbie (if you didn?t catalog it.) Follow the RUSH procedures documented here:

Open ILLiad

  1. a. Find request in “Acquisitions on order” queue and double-click to open request
  2. b. Add “azz” to the “Lender” field
  3. c. Print request form
  4. i. Click on round notecard icon in upper left-hand corner
  5. ii. Click on “Print Request”
  6. iii. ILLiad Printer Settings dialog box will come up
  7. 1. Make sure “View merged document before printing” box is checked
  8. 2. Click “Print” – it shouldn’t matter which printer is selected
  9. 3. A Word .doc will open
  10. a. Print “Form Letters1” (has imported request info)
  11. 4. Once you’ve printed, close the Word .doc and choose “Don’t Save”

Step 1.c : Print Request Form

  1. d. Select “Send Email”, then “Book Purchase Notification” to email to patron that Circ will let them know when this item is available for them to pick up
  2. i. Click “Yes” under “Save changes before continuing” popup
  3. ii. Lender Selection screen will pop up – click “Select” in upper left corner of the screen
  4. iii. Email template should come up
  5. 1. All info should import in the email fields
  6. iv. Make sure “Change Status on Send” button is highlighted in orange
  7. 1. If it’s not, click on that area to make it orange
  8. v. Click “Send”
  9. 1. Request will automatically route to “Request Finished” status in ILLiad
  10. Put the item, with the Interlibrary Loan Request Form inserted, on Linda Fish’s RUSH truck if you cataloged it. Give to Rachel Hobbie if the cataloging is incomplete. Follow the RUSH procedures documented here:

Step 1.d : Send notification email to patron


Q: What happens if I click something and the request disappears from the queue I was in? A: Nothing is ever truly lost in ILLiad! If you remember a piece of information about the item (title of the book, Transaction Number (TN), etc.), you can do a search under “Search Requests”

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