As a deposit library, the Du Bois Library receives weekly catalogs of newly published titles from various departments of the Government of Canada. Selections are made by the Canadian selector. The completed order page at the back of each catalog can then be mailed to the appropriate address or orders can be selected online from the website ( Since the fall of 2000 we have been ordering online and the Canadian selector has set up an account for which he has the appropriate passwords.

Once the selections are made and forwarded to Ottawa, a photocopy of the “Weekly Checklist” with asterisks noting the titles selected (or a printout of our order from the website) is then given to the Processing Supervisor in Monographic Acquisitions along with the original catalog.

When checklist titles are received, the packing lists indicate the number of the checklist from which those items were ordered. Paper copies of checklists are filed in “Open Correspondence” at Order Processing Supervisor’s desk and can be consulted if there are any problems with receipts. When all titles are received these checklists can be tossed.

Monographic orders

We don't do this anymore. 5/13/2016.

Creating orders for Canadian gifts— As soon as checklists are received in Acquisitions, orders are created for any monographic titles that have cataloging copy. These orders have the same order codes as gifts except–

Acquisition Method = PX (no payment expected) Library Note = Info Canada Checklist Vendor = CANCK (Canadian Checklist)

Any monographs that do not have bibliographic copy will have orders created once the titles arrive (by that time there is usually an OCLC record).

Once the Canadian Government monographs arrive they are received in the same manner as any other order.

Serial orders

If the title being selected is one for which we have a check-in record, note the check-in number on the checklist photocopy. Once the issue is received in the department, the serials staff will add it to the holdings. Any titles checked in by the Periodicals and Microforms Dept. should be forwarded to them.

If the title being selected is one for which there is serial or contin copy but for which we have no order or check-in record, make a note of that on the checklist photocopy. Once the title is received, Serial staff will create an order and checkin record and give it to the Serials cataloguer or a member of the monographs staff will create a contin order and forward to contin cataloguer in Cataloguing and Processing.

Primary contact: Scott Stangroom

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