Information Resource Management Department

Linking Student Assistant 2012

Job Overview:

The Information Resource Management department is working on a project to create online records for all of the Library’s periodicals. Our student assistants are required to place barcodes on volumes in the stacks area of the Library, accurately transcribe volume information onto linking sheets, enter data into the integrated library system and check completed linking sheets. A high degree of accuracy is required.

Skills Required/Job Duties:

• Ability to neatly and accurately transcribe volume information onto paper

• Ability to enter data accurately into the integrated library system

• Ability to work in the stacks with heavy volumes on both high and low shelves

• Ability to follow written and oral direction

• Ability to handle fragile books carefully

• Ability to work independently

• Experience in an academic library preferred

Hours Required: 8-20 hours/week between 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Pay rate: $8.75/hr.

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