Table of Contents

List Documentation Still Needed


DVD Cataloging - (DVD Cataloging Streamlined Guidelines & DVD Fastcat Instructions

Equipment Cataloging

Government Documents Cataloging

Monograph Cataloging - (re-write - Monographs Workflow Overview & Cataloging monographs fastcat)

RUSH cataloging and processing workflow

SCUA Cataloging


Annex Transfer Instructions

Serials Workflow: Ceased & Cancelled Titles - This is done in Acq and then need to let Ann know to remove the record - don't need instructions for this

Serials Workflow: Creation & Maintenance of Local Holdings Records (LHRs) in OCLC

Serials Workflow: Fixing Field 952 Incomplete Holdings - obsolete

Serials Workflow: Holdings Records - not needed

Serials Workflow: New Titles - single record import goes to Ann

Serials Workflow: Periodical Receiving - Ann And student - staff don't need to worry about this

Serials Workflow: Supplement & Index Statements in Holdings Records - not doing this anymore - remove from list

Serials Workflow: Title Changes - overlay old title with updated bib from OCLC and bring in new record for new title - no linker fields

MARC 866 Guidelines - this can go away

Missing and Lost Serials and Bound Periodicals - we don't claim - stacks and MU - look at these

SEL Workflows

DOE Technical Reports Microfiche (Uncataloged) - not needed

NACA (U.S. National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) Publications - not needed

NASA Special Publications (NASA SPs) - not needed

Plant Patents - ? & Patent and Trademark Cataloging - ? - PTRC location - no new paper stuff coming in? all online now? Ann check with Paulina

Procedure for Gifts Accepted at SEL - same as DU Bois

SEL Chemical Reference Titles Designated as Five College Copy of Record - Obsolete? Paulina - Ann will check

SEL Deaccessions - Ann handles these and does them the same way Du Bois deaccessions are done

SEL Missing or Lost Materials - Similar to above - withdrawn by Ann - minimal! 5-6 things a month

SEL Monographic Problems Procedure - same as du bois Ann handles

SEL Reinstatement of Missing or Lost Materials - same as du bois

SEL Transfers to Repository - same as du bois

Special Added Volume sequences - obsolete - Ann will review this

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