EJournal Package and Monographic Series Maintenance

Most of our e-journal packages are subscriptions and the titles included change from year to year. Maintaining accurate and legitimate access requires review and updates in SFX, which then updates the WorldCat Local knowledge base through an SFX file load, and Aleph catalog records through the MARCit service and sometimes manual loads. EDS? Proxy changes also need to be made.

CORAL notes on package reviews can be found in the CORAL Access tab.

Package Reviews spreadsheet which tracks progress can be found at R/S:\Acquisitions\SFX\Package_Reviews_Chart

CORAL Alerts

Catherine's notes for CORAL renewals alerts.

  • SFX
    • No SFX target?: Add to watch list and track. Let Mary Ann know if SFX access appears later.
    • Check SFX Object types for MARCit records. Look for multiple types.
  • CORAL:
    • Product tab: Check Notes from Christine.
    • Cataloging tab: Cataloging Type = “Cover + MARCit” etc.
    • Cataloging tab: Cataloging Status = “MARCit” etc.
    • Do we have title lists?
  • Package review spreadsheet: Add notes to R:\Acquisitions\SFX\Package_Reviews_Chart

EJournal Package Review Checklist


  • Title list:
    • Verify that current title list is downloaded to R/S:\Acquisitions\Electronic Resources by Organization. Contact publisher for title list if necessary.
    • Verify that current title list is linked to CORAL Resource.
  • CORAL Resource Access tab:
    • Follow package review instructions in CORAL Resource Access tab and address package idiosyncrasies.
    • Update package review notes. Add date and initials.
  • Aleph:
    • Order records. Do not create order records for new or previous titles in ejournal packages, or open access.
    • Perpetual Access (PA): Close old order records using VC. Create order records for perpetual access titles using order status PA, add dates of access and other notes, date and initial.
  • SFX:
    • Ensure that SFX targets are chosen to create the most ease in quality control. Usually this means separating previous titles, perpetual access and/or open access titles not on the title list. For these titles, choose targets that are not likely to be packages since global changes will be made by ExLibris. Have a student check access and dates to these titles and be sure notes exist in ops.
      • Note: SFX targets are often not updated to match packages in a timely manner. If waiting is not a good option, deactivate titles transferring out, leaving target on AutoActive if appropriate. A good option is to temporarily use a different target to activate titles transferring in. Contact ExLibris to request updating a target if necessary.
    • New target activation: see SFX Targets - Activating and Deactivating
    • Check Target edit settings including public name and ILL bullet. See R|S:\Acquisitions\Electronic Resources Projects\Licensing\ILL_Lending_Rights.
    • Check Target Service settings. AutoUpdate and Proxy (except open access targets) should be checked. AutoActive varies depending upon whether we activate the entire target (use only Yes or No).
    • Object portfolios:
      • Student help can be great for comparing title lists and SFX targets. Export a target list of titles or the student can use a readonly login. Have the student check access and date thresholds and make notes on the export spreadsheet. Provide the student with instructions on how to access spreadsheets. A student instruction template can be found here: R:\Acquisitions\SFX\Instructions for Students\Package Review Instructions for Students.
    • Make changes to object portfolios to match title list, keeping in mind that many title lists do not include previous titles. Check access. Add notes to object portfolio edit; standardized note language can be found at SFX Routine Maintenance.
    • Object portfolio changes for new and leaving titles:
      • Add internal notes if needed.
      • Turn on new titles for which there is not yet content, adding a General note such as “Content may not yet be available.”
    • Perpetual access: Move PA titles to appropriate target and close date thresholds. Create PA order record and close old order record if necessary.
    • Open access: If OA titles are included in the title list and in the target, leave them. If OA titles are not included in a target, activate in a publisher OA (first choice) or other target if able to do so without creating local ops.
      • Local object portfolios: check and delete if global op exists.

Package Review Notes in CORAL

Package review notes in CORAL should include the following in the Access tab. Do not add new Package Review notes but revise old ones. Feel free to add new Access Detail notes if needed.

  • Status of review and date. Date completed. Date of last previous review.
  • Title list notes. Where can they be retrieved? Does title list include open access, previous titles, a separate list of title transfers?
  • Is there a separate list of previous, PA and/or transfer titles on the R drive? Note where.
  • SFX target names (AutoActive or Not on Autoactive) and what they include (previous titles, open access, PA, etc.). Do we use a separate target for prev titles and PA? Is there a separate target for open access?
  • SFX target notes: When was target updated at ExLibris? Are we using menu logic?
  • Work that can be done by students.
  • Perpetual access track record for this package. Are PA titles at publisher's site still accessible?
  • Proxy irregularities.
  • Instructions and idiosyncrasies. Are we using localized date thresholds? Is archival content included?
  • Notes for next review.
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