Ejournals - Title Transfer Checklist

Title transfers and changes are tracked on this spreadsheet: R:\Acquisitions\Electronic Resources Projects\E-Journal Changes\ EJOURNAL_CHANGES_[year]

  • Check titles new to packages. Do we have an individual subscription that could be cancelled? If so, send an email to Scott/Acquisitions.
  • Aleph order records.
    • For titles that do not change payment vendor, add notes, initial and date.
    • For titles that do change payment vendor, close previous order record, add note, delete encumbrance, and created new order record.
    • If perpetual access remains at previous publisher, add PA order record. See Perpetual Access Procedures.
  • SFX.
    • When access is available or disappears according to the spreadsheet, deactivate in old target and/or activate in new target.
    • If a target is being deactivated, or a new target is being activated, remember to add to this spreadsheet: R/S:\Acquisitions\SFX\SFX sort services config\SFX Target changes 071415.
    • If an object portfolio being deactivated is the last in a target, deactivate all 3 target levels: target, target service, object portfolios.
    • If title is the first to be activated in the target, see SFX Targets - Activating.
    • If there is perpetual access, close date threshold and add note to object portfolio internal description field, “PA, dates, initials.”
    • Test access. Check date threshold.
    • Update proxy file if necessary.EZProxy Maintenance
  • CORAL. For changes to publisher, host, or vendor, change the organizations in the Product tab.
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