Ordering and Processing Print Dissertations from ProQuest

The University library frequently orders print copies of dissertations from ProQuest, whether to fill Interlibrary Loan requests or to obtain print copies of UMass electronic dissertations. The Information Resource Management Department orders these copies via Rebecca Addison (ILL and otherwise) or Kay Dion (in-process UMass dissertations). All orders will be sent to the department in care of Kay Dion, but there are two different processing procedures to follow depending on the type of dissertation ordered.

Non-UMass dissertations

  1. Upon receipt of the print copy, Kay will deliver it to Susan Pease.
  2. Susan record the item as received then will give the invoice/packing slip to Rebecca who puts the payment information into Aleph then sends it to the library office for actual payment.
  3. Susan will then search for available copy in Aleph and/or OCLC and if necessary, export the best available record from OCLC to Aleph.
  4. The copy will then be given to Lorraine James in the library's Preservation and Bindery section, where it will be pambound. On the rare occasion the copy is over an inch thick and needs to be sent out to bind, it will be cataloged in Aleph first.
  5. After pambinding, the print copy is given to Peter Shea for cataloging.
  6. Once this is done the copy will be rush processed as needed then sent to ILL or stacks as appropriate.

UMass dissertations

  1. Upon receipt of the print copy, Kay will determine whether there is a record for either print or electronic versions in Aleph. The large majority will be print copies of electronic versions and already have been cataloged.
  2. Kay will then handle the print copy in accordance to the procedures listed under Paper Dissertations and Theses Workflow.

All print dissertation orders from ProQuest should be made through their Dissertation Express website. The order should be placed via the library's UMI Account with the following information:

  • Patron Name: Kay Dion
  • Department: Du Bois Library/IRM Dept
  • Patron Phone: 413-597-0838
  • Patron Fax: (leave blank)
  • Patron eMail: (Kay's or Rebecca's, depending on who is ordering)
  • Order Note: 2007065 (This is our UMass order ID)

Kay will make printouts of any orders she places and give these to Rebecca in case there are any problems.

The copies will be delivered to Du Bois library with the following address:

  • University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Kay Dion
  • Du Bois Library / IRM Dept
  • 154 Hicks Way
  • Amherst, MA 01003

Our contact at ProQuest for orders questions is Patty Smail 1-800-521-0600 ext. 2242 (Patty.Smail@proquest.com)

Primary Contact: Kay Dion

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