Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning Masters Projects Workflow

Print Versions

The thesis cataloger (Kay Dion) receives bound print copies of LARP Master projects from Sandi Potyrala of the LARP office. These Terminal Projects are cataloged and uploaded to OCLC then exported to Aleph with a copy going to the main library stacks and a copy going to the Depository. The Projects are already bound in the standard red 03 cover/gold lettering Masters thesis binding and only need to be processed in accordance to the regular University thesis guidelines. For more information, refer to the Paper Dissertations and Theses Workflow wiki page.

Electronic Versions

The electronic Terminal Projects fall into three categories:

  • Print copy and e-resource are submitted together
  • An e-resource is made available for a project previously submitted and housed in the University library
  • A Terminal Project is made electronically available and there is no print copy in the University library's stacks or depository

When a print copy and its e-resource are submitted at the same time, the work is to be cataloged as an electronic resource with a print copy also available. Do not create separate OCLC records for each.

When an electronic version to a print copy is made available, add an item and holdings record to the print copy's Aleph bib record with a 533 note stating “Also available electronically via the World Wide Web”.

When a Terminal Project is made electronically available and there is no print copy in the library, create a new electronic resource record to be uploaded to OCLC and exported to Aleph.

Primary contact: Kay Dion

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