At enter “600100” as the ACCOUNT ID. Enter your OPERATOR ID and PASSWORD. Click on LOG ON.


1. On the main screen be sure that the LOT ID is the lot you want to close.

2. Click WINDOW.

3. Click REPORTS.

4. Click LOT ITEM in the upper box. (Once you click on this it may stay highlighted week to week so you won't need to click on it again.)

5. Click TEXT in the lower box.

6. Click NEXT.

7. Click TO SCREEN.

8. Click PDF FORMAT (a box will pop up and tell you to wait).

9. X out of previous two windows to view report.

10. Scroll to last page of report to see how many books have been input for each kind of binding (book, recase, paperback, etc.). If the totals don't match the books on their respective “out to bindery” shelves, check to see if an item was input more than once and if so delete the appropriate record. Check to see that items going to the bindery are on the proper shelves and that all items that have been input are on the shelves.

11. Once the list and the number of actual items are reconciled, click the print icon to print the report.

12. Click on OK. The report will be kept in the orange bin on Nancy's shelves to be compared to the return shipment in two weeks.

13. X out of the report to go back to the main screen.

14. Click WINDOW.


16. Be sure that the dot next to “INTERNET” in the upper right corner is filled in on this screen. (This should stay filled in week to week so you don't have to click on it again.)


18. The number of items being sent along with their format codes should appear on the bottom line.

19. Click CLOSE.


20. Click on LOT.

21. Type in the next week's Lot in the LOT ID box under lot statistics and hit RETURN.

The lot ID should be a Wednesday date written YY/MO/DD followed by an 'M' for monograph. Ex: 130918M (September 18, 2013.) Rush lot IDs are the last 2 digits of the year followed by the word “rush” followed by a sequential number. Ex: 13Rush1 would be followed by 13Rush2.

22. A box should come up that says “CREATE A NEW LOT?”. Hit RETURN. (If you click on YES the box will disappear and the lot will not take.)

23. Click YES.

24. X out of window.

25. To log out of ABLE, click FILE in upper left corner and click on LOG OUT.

26. Send an e-mail to the ABLE users telling them the new Lot ID. In this e-mail I usually include a reminder of the current Rush Lot. The Rush lot should already be open and if you just closed it, open a new one and send people the new Rush Lot ID.

Primary contact:Lorraine James 2009/05/20 14:25

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