SEL Transfers to Repository

Selection of SEL Items to be Transferred to the Repository

SEL staff will determine what SEL items will be transferred to the Repository.

Reasons for transferring include (but are not limited to): materials filling in gaps in Repository titles, JSTOR or other affiliate titles*, preservation of important materials, and space considerations at SEL.

All SEL transfers will be coordinated by John Caranci and he will notify Lucy deGozzaldi if he needs cataloging assistance with the transfer.

Lisa Persons monitors all JSTOR titles through updates she receives. She, Judy Rohan, or Diana Pacunas will contact John Caranci when there are SEL JSTOR volumes or titles that need to be sent to the Repository.

Transfer Process

As mentioned previously, John Caranci will contact Lucy deGozzaldi when there are problems with materials need transfer.

For all other titles, John Caranci, with his student assistants, will pull the transfer materials from the stacks, process the title to the Repository (probably Annex), set the remaining item records to the Repository, prepare a packing slip, and pack the materials for mail pick/transporting to the Repository (probably Annex).

Wiki documentation on Depository Transfers for Monographs:

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Transfers (SEL aspects): ask John Caranci

Transfers (cataloging aspects): Lucy deGozzaldi

*affiliate collections: American Chemical Society, (ACS) Legacy Archives, American Mathematical Society (AMS), American Physical Society (APS), American Psychological Association Journals (APA), Institute of Physics (IOP), JSTOR, Project Muse

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