PAGE OUTDATED ARCHIVED Instructions for Deleting duplicate non-MARCIt records in ALEPH

Look up title in Acquisitions module and push to Cataloging module

Set up both bib records side by side in split mode in Cataloging module

Then go to the acquisitions module

Highlight the non MARCIt record

Click on overview

Click on Serials

Subscription list


Go back to Cataloging module

Click on the tree icon on the top navigation bar

Drag the order record over to MarcIt record

DO NOT Copy the 952 note from non-MarcIt HOL record to MARCIt HOL record

Click CTRL O and check access via SFX

Delete the non-MarcIt bib and all attached records.

Start with item record

Add note in internal note field and update

Delete item record

Delete Admin record

Delete HOL record

Delete Bib record

Primary contact: Meghan Banach

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