Access Coordination

Resources are represented in the Library web site, EDS as Discovery, SFX, and Aleph records. Below is some information about how access is coordinated as of 7/17.

Documents addressing the decisions made regarding streamlining dataloading across our systems:

Checklist: Access Workflow for Subscriptions, Renewals, Cancellations, and Purchases

CORAL, Aleph, and CMS and Christine.

  • CORAL workflows.
  • CORAL records added.
  • Aleph cover bib added.
  • CMS entries for Databases search (can be edited by Heather).
  • Platform admin information, including IP and SFX UMLinks buttons in resource.
  • Proxy entries.
  • Publisher title list added to R:\Acquisitions\Electronic Resources by Organization and uploaded to CORAL.

SFX and Catherine.

Catherine manages SFX access and routes CORAL alerts to Heather and Mary Ann. After CORAL workflow is received check CORAL and wait until access start date, then begin checklist.

  • CORAL record checked and updated for:
  • SFX target and/or op updated.
  • SFX Menu logic updated if necessary.
  • Package review spreadsheet updated if necessary. Package Reviews for Access
  • CORAL #1 workflow for SFX updated checked off.
  • Notify Heather (EDS) and possibly Mary Ann (Aleph record loads, no ejournals) modifying text below.
  • CORAL step #2 is checked off after Heather and Mary Ann notify Catherine that they have completed EDS and Aleph access.

EDS and Heather.

Heather manages EDS access.

  • EDS database is available?
  • EDS CustomLink is available and updated?
  • EDS Holdings Management updated if necessary? HLM access is managed by us only for:
    • non-EBSCO vendor resources, because EBSCO manages resources paid to them.
    • ejournals, because HLM populates the Ejournal Placard.
  • CORAL Access tab EDS HLM note in place for non-EBSCO vendor resources only?
  • CORAL Access tab Note updated if necessary?
  • CORAL Cataloging notes updated? Use format “SFX=no, EDS=yes, Aleph=no”
  • Please notify Catherine when EDS is updated.
  • If the resource is any one of the following, do not send to Mary Ann:
    • Completely available through EDS.
    • Ejournals only.
    • CORAL Cataloging note tab says “Aleph=no”
    • On Mary Ann's list as “no load” (where is this list?)

Aleph Batch Record Loads and Mary Ann.

Mary Ann manages Aleph batch record loads for non-serial eresources.

  • Aleph: Load or remove records, and set or unset OCLC holdings.
  • CORAL Cataloging notes updated? Use format “SFX=no, EDS=yes, Aleph=no”
  • Please notify Catherine when done.

Standard Language

Use this text in CORAL fields:

  • Umass Aleph cover record
  • CMS database entry
  • EDS database placard

Ejournal Transfers

In Acquisitions, Judy adds title transfers to E-Journal, Package Changes:Acquisitions to Access . Acquisitions is notified of these transfers through EBSCO Change reports, publisher emails, and title lists. The spreadsheet tracks:

  • Package to package transfers
  • Package to individual subscription
  • Individual sub to Package
  • Title Cessations
  • New Title to Package
  • Package to open access

For titles leaving our subscription packages, Judy gathers usage stats, price information, and may send to selector asking if subscription should be continued. If so, an order is initiated. Judy also handles cancellations for titles entering subscription packages.

In DRMS, Catherine makes changes to access in SFX, sets up perpetual access, and notifies Heather for EDS HLM changes if:

  • resource is paid to a non-EBSCO vendor
  • (resource needs to be set up as perpetual access? have not been doing this)

Package Reviews

THIS PROCESS IS UNDERGOING CHANGE (9/17). Many individual title transfers are caught in the Ejournal Transfers process above but some packages need active management.

Tracking package reviews is done on Package Reviews for Access

Useful Tools

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