The following are recommended as a minimum set of metadata elements. Having these elements are critical for end-user discovery and access.

  • All bibliographic records should have a holdings and item record
  • Bibliographic records should follow national and local metadata standards and best practices
  • Bibliographic records should promote interoperability through the consistent use of controlled access points and authorized forms of names, subjects, or genre terms that promote access and discovery
  • Provider neutral records should be used for eresources
  • A working and persistent url should be used for eresources

Bibliographic records should include at least this information:

  • LDR
  • Fixed fields
  • Title
  • Author (if applicable)
  • Publication information
  • Extent
  • 336 with subfields a, b and 2
  • 337 with subfields a, b and 2
  • 338 with subfields a, b and 2
  • At least one subject heading
  • For eresources, at least one genre heading for Electronic books or the appropriate genre such as Streaming video
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