EDS Admin Management

The order of CustomLinks is loosely based on SFX sort_services.config ranking. Here is the basic order, with space for tweaking.

  • 10 = Paid publisher subscriptions
  • 20 = Publisher hosts (there weren’t any)
  • 30 = Newspapers
  • 40 = Databases
  • 45 = Media, image, and streaming
  • 50 = Less reliable aggregators and digitized historical publications
  • 60 = eBooks
  • 70 = Open access
  • 80 = Reviews

Holdings Management and Ejournal Placards

Any content which is billed to EBSCO is maintained in Holdings Management by EBSCO. The last (second) full load from SFX to EBSCO is to be done in Summer 2017 using a Basic Export from SFX. EBSCO was unable to use an Advanced export despite the availability of parse params. From now on, management of non-EBSCO billed ejournals needs to be done manually.

For workflow: see Access Coordination.

For instructions on making changes in HLM: see https://help.ebsco.com/interfaces/Full_Text_Finder/Holdings_Management_User_Guide/Adding_or_Removing_Titles_from_Holdings#titles2

SFX file to EDS for Library Collection Limiter

There is a cron job set up to transfer SFX holdings to EDS for the Library Collection Limiter. The cron runs at 4:01 am every Tuesday to be processed by EBSCO on Wednesdays at 11:00 am. The cron sends an Advanced Export serials file by ftp to EBSCO. See Steve Bischof for more information.

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