MARC 866

Please see Serials Workflow: Holdings Records for more complete information. Only use field 866 on holdings records for serials. Do not use for multi-part sets of monographs or DVDs. For questions regarding serials holdings statements, please contact Ann Kardos.

Constructing a Holdings Statement

The holdings statement for serials is recorded in the 866 field. All holdings statements require indicators 41 in the 866 field. For information on this field and indicator definitions, please see the Library of Congress MARC documentation for textual holdings at

Holdings statements should ALWAYS REFLECT WHAT THE LIBRARY OWNS. Holdings statements do not indicate what we do not yet own. The 866 field is a general statement of what the library currently owns and does not future-cast. Each time an issue is received by the library, update the end of the holdings statement by deleting the previous final issue held and adding the number and/or year of the new final issue held. Do not list each issue in a holdings statement. Individual issues are described in the Item Description field. If we are currently receiving a title and it is ongoing, use a hyphen to depict that we hold [volumes] through present.

  • 866 41 $a 2001/2002-2003/2004
  • 866 41 $a v.13 (1996)-v.20:no.6 (2003)
  • 866 41 $a 2013-
  • 866 41 $a v.15(1978)-

See the complete serials workflow on holdings for information regarding incomplete holdings statements or current year only titles.

Please note: only use MARC 866 on serials titles. Do not create holdings statements for DVDs, multi-volume monograph sets or analyzed titles.

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