These are brief instructions for cataloging music recitals from the Music Department. Recitals require original cataloging. Accompanying material can be kept if this fits into the case. If that accompanying material does not fit, it is not necessary to keep it. There should be 2 copies of the recitals. One copy stays in the UMass collection and the other is routed to Archives.


If there are 2 copies of the student recitals, one goes to UMass SCUA and one is for the general collection. Both CD copies receive the SAME Music Accession Number. Use a post-it note to put the music accession number on the piece and for the one for Archive put down Archives as well on the post-it.

**In Connexion**

Press Ctrl/Shift R to create a new record template for Sound Recordings



007 ǂa s ǂb d ǂd f ǂe u ǂf n ǂg g ǂh n ǂi n ǂm e ǂn d

  • Category of Resource: s
  • Specific Material Designation: d
  • Speed: f
  • Configuration of Playback channels: u
  • Groove width: n
  • Dimensions: g
  • Tape width: n
  • Tape configuration: n
  • Kind of disc: |
  • Kind of material: |
  • Kind of Cutting: |
  • Special Playback: e
  • Capture and storage: d

This is just the minimal. If you know that the recording is stereo, then this can be added as well.

047: Consult OCLC Bib Formats. If unknown, do not add field.

100: Only include if there is only one single composer or if the student is the composer/arranger for the entire concert. Do not put student or faculty groups or performers in the 1XX field.

245: Use a unique title. If a disc comes with no program or documentation, you may try searching the Department of Music and Dance event website to form a complete 245. (The small amount of information on the event page may be helpful for creating the 511 field as well.)

  • If there is an insert or program, put in the name(s) that appear at the topic of the page in subfield c.
  • Or take the information from the cover/insert or the disc surface

245 00 $a Junior recital : $b Bezanson Concert Hall, March 5, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. / $c Ann Kardos, oboe ; Jennifer Eustis, piano.

246: If there are other titles from the CD label or information, add those.


  • 264 _0 ǂa [Amherst, MA] : ǂb College of Humanities and Fine Arts, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Music and Dance, ǂc 2018.
  • 264 _1 ǂa Westfield, MA : ǂb BSRS, Bill Sitler Recording Service, ǂc [2018]

300: Add extent. You may have to put the disc into a player to see how long each piece is. Round up for ease. Ex:

300 ǂa 1 audio disc (59 min.) : ǂb digital ; ǂc 4¾ in.


  • 336 performed music ǂb prm ǂ2 rdacontent
  • 337 audio ǂb s ǂ2 rdamedia
  • 338 audio disc ǂb sd ǂ2 rdacarrier
  • 344 digital ǂb optical ǂ2 rda
  • 347 audio file ǂb CD audio ǂ2 rda
  • 347 ǂb CD-R audio

502: If the CD is a recording of a junior or graduate recital, use subfield g to include information such as “Presented in partial fulfillment…” note. This field can be repeated for all mentions of this information. Ex:

  • 502 $g Annierose's performance is presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Bachelor of Music degree in Violin Performance.

511 0_ $a [Add any relevant performers, instrumentalists, conductors, etc. from the inserted program or other documentation]

546: Include for vocal music. Ex:

546 $a Vocal pieces sung in French, German and English.

505: 1st indicator 0, 2nd blank. Enter an uncontrolled table of contents. Concerto, op. 3 / Serge Koussevitzky – Sonata no. 2 in D major, BMW [i.e. BWV]1028 / J.S. Bach – Sleepwalker (in three movements) / Jaime Jones.

518: Add information for the event, examples include: 518 ǂo Recorded live ǂp Grace Episcopal Church, Amherst, Mass. ǂd 2017 June 1 518 ǂo Recorded live ǂp BSRS ǂd 2017 June 1 (for Bill Sitler recordings) 518 ǂo Recorded live ǂp Fine Arts Center Concert Hall, University of Massachusetts Amherst ǂd 2017 June 1


If the recital contributes to the requirements of fulfilling a degree (found on the inserted program, if available), use….

  • 650 _0 Concerts |z Massachusetts |z Amherst
  • 610 20 University of Massachusetts Amherst |x Graduation requirements

If the recital doesn't contribute to the requirements of any degree (for instance the recital is a Faculty recital or from the UMass Symphony band), use

650 _0 Concerts |z Massachusetts |z Amherst

If you are familiar with music subject headings, add those that you can add. Examples include:

  • Concertos (Trumpet) ǂv Solo with piano = Trumpet concerto for trumpet and piano.
  • Concertos (Trumpet), Arranged ǂv Solo with piano = Originally an oboe concerto, now for trumpet and piano.
  • Dates: include with headings like Jazz. They represent performances not compositions: Jazz ǂy 2011-2020.
  • Excerpts/Excerpts, Arranged—NOT with medium of performance like Tuba music.
  • Keyboard always comes first in chamber music “medium of performance” headings.
  • Popular music: don’t use if using subsets like “Jazz” or “Rock.”
  • Songs with piano. ǂv Instrumental settings.
  • Variations (Trumpet and piano).

655: 655 _7 Live sound recordings $2 lcgft

If the recital is used to partially fulfill degree requirements, also use….

  • 655 _7 Academic theses. $2 lcgft

7XX: Add additional name/title entries for all composers on the inserted programs (if available). Add 700 for performers listed on the program or on the disc surface. Use relator terms for composer and performer. Ex:

  • 700 1_ Kardos, Ann, $d 1979- $e performer.
  • 700 1_ Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, $d [dates], $e composer.

710: 710 2_ University of Massachusetts Amherst. $b Department of Music and Dance, $e degree granting institution, $e issuing body.

Note: only add $e degree granting institution if the disc is a recital to fulfill graduation requirements.

830: Include for all junior, graduate and faculty recitals. Ex:

  • Graduate recital ; $v year.
  • Junior recital ; $v year.
  • Faculty recital ; $v year.

**In Aleph**

Add 090 field. Music Accession Number Folder

General collections copy:

  • Sublibrary: UMDUB
  • Collection: UMMCD
  • Material type: AUDCD
  • Item status: 06
  • Item process status: PC

SCUA copy:

  • Sublibrary: UMSCA
  • Collection: UARC
  • Material type: AUDCD
  • Item status: 02
  • Item process status: PC

NOTE: Please ensure that when the holding is created that Call No. Type under General Information (1) is 8.


Container: Barcodes go in the lower left corner. CD 1:

  • Write accession number on post-it.

CD 2: Archives

  • Write accession number on 2nd post-it with “Archives.”

Archive CD’s (for student recitals):

  • Archives and UMA have same accession number.
  • CDs must be kept in accession number order in a box and placed on the CD shelf for end processing.

Primary contact: Ann Kardos Primary contact: Jennifer Eustis

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