Documentation Policy for IRM Department

All documentation for workflows and procedures in the IRM Department should be on the IRM Department staff wiki.

If the wiki does not work for the type of information you are creating and you must use some other type of document (e.g. an Excel spreadsheet or a Google spreadsheet) please create a page on the wiki with either a link to the document or the file path to the document's location on a shared network drive.

If you are creating documentation in a Google app please provide a shareable link and set the permissions to anyone can edit.

Always search the wiki as first step to find information about how to do something you don’t know how to do. If you still need help, then talk to your supervisor.

If you use instructions printed out from the wiki, it is your responsibility to use the most current version of the documentation. Subscribe to page changes for pages with instructions you use to do your work. By subscribing to page changes on a particular wiki page, you will receive an email each time the page is changed or updated.

Always add a contact link with your name and email address to pages you are primarily responsible for creating, maintaining, or updating.

Search for your name to identify pages you have been a part of and practice regular review to maintain currency/accuracy of the documentation.

Primary contact: Meghan Bergin

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