Databases & Packages - New Purchases Checklist

Resource name:

Online host:

  • Signed license returned?
  • Aleph records created?
  • L. Matson or C. Turner or H. Deirdre or Scott Stangroom to add URL to proxy server (javascript used?)?
  • If applicable send information on title, URL, proxied?, limited seats?, access and license issues to Liz Fitzpatrick for Research Databases Locator addition
  • Enable as SFX source if applicable. Test.
  • If SFX source, add sending sid(s) to Wiki sid list
  • Activate as SFX target if applicable (remember proxy, CrossRef, menu logic)
  • If paid resource, add resource to current year's Database Electronic Journals list: (r:\acquisitions\electronic resources\dblist[fy].xls)
  • Debit selector credits if appropriate (W\Departmental_Folders\Acquisitions\FY(xx)_selector_credits.xls)
  • File information on access to usage statistics in paper file and notify C. Turner.
  • Notify selector(s) and faculty as appropriate as to availability

Note: Resources which use IP filtering must be in proxy configuration file before the bib is unsuppressed or they are added to the Database Locator

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