Records for LPs must correspond to the LP-in-hand. Do not guess based on similar items, or match the item to records that are not identical. LP-in-hand must be an exact match to the record exported into the catalog.

OCLC Connexion

Open Connexion

File > Logon

Search for a matching record in OCLC: Click Cataloging > Search > WorldCat

Search by SN (standard number) or title of album

Limit search to format: Sound recordings

Apply language of cataloging limiter: English. We only accept English language records.

LP-in-hand must be an exact match to the record exported into the catalog.

Click on top of the data column to sort search results by year

Look for the record with the most holdings.

Check to see if UMass already holds a copy – If we already have a copy don’t add a second copy.

Check record to make sure it's a match

Check that the record has an accurate transcription from label on LP or LP sleeve

Call numbers:

All records require a well-formed Library of Congress (LC) call number, containing both $a (classification) and $b (cutter/date). If the call number is well-formed do not evaluate, edit or check. If a record has an LC call number with a volume designation (and no alternative number), ask a cataloger.

If a record has two LC call numbers, choose one call number and delete the other choice before exporting into the catalog.

  • 050 $a D835.H4 $b I86 1997


  • 090 $a D835.H4 $b I86 1997

Author and title:

100 Author or Composer $a Gottschalk, Louis Moreau, ǂd 1829-1869, ǂe composer.

245 $a Title : $b subtitle / $c Statement of responsibility (author/creator/etc.)

Example: Nobody wants to be alone / ǂc Crystal Gayle.

Edition statement:

Field 250 is the place to look for help identify matching editions. RDA records will have the edition spelled out in full, which is what we want the record to have. Older records may still have abbreviated edition statements (ex: 3rd rev. ed.).

  • 250 $a Third revised edition.

Publication details:

Record accurate publication information:

  • 264 _1 OR 260 _ _ $a Place of publication : $b Publisher, $c Date of publication.

Example: Burbank, Calif. : ǂb Warner Bros. Records, ǂc 1985.

Copyright dates are always in brackets with no period, followed by an additional 264 field showing that the inferred date is a copyright date.

  • 264 _1 $a Place of publication : $b Publisher, $c [2010]
  • 264 _4 $c ©2010

If no place of publication or publisher is identified anywhere on the piece:

  • 264 _1 $a [Place of publication not identified] : $b [publisher not identified], $c 2009.

RDA records may also use several other 264 fields for Production, Distribution, or Manufacture. See a cataloger if you have questions.

Physical Description:

  • 300 $a 1 audio disc : $b analog, 33 1/3 rpm ; $c 12 in.

Carrier fields:

Each record must include carrier fields. Example for LPs:

  • 336 performed music ǂb prm ǂ2 rdacontent
  • 337 audio ǂb s ǂ2 rdamedia
  • 338 audio disc ǂb sd ǂ2 rdacarrier

Subject fields:

6XX At least one subject must be present. Do not evaluate, edit or check any subject entry.


1XX or 7XX If a person is named in 245 $c, either a 1XX or 7XX entry must be present in the record. Do not evaluate, do not create addition entries, do not evaluate for main entry.

Adding additional fields to the record:

  • Add field 541 _ _ $c Gift ; $a [Name of donor]. $5 MU (We formerly used the 793 field for gifts)
  • Add field 910 Initial and date in this format: ABC 06/20/2017
  • Add field 928 AUTHORITY

Update holdings (Action –> Holdings –> Update holdings). You will now see that it says Held by AUM at the top of the screen.

* Change field 049 to AUMLP

Exporting the record to Aleph

Export record to overlay using the Export button (square icon with an E and arrow)

Copy the number that shows in the pop-up box: FCL01.######### (Just copy everything after the “.”)


Paste number into top left search box in Aleph, Click arrow

Double click on items on left side toolbar/menu

Bottom pane click on general info tab

Item process status delete OO type in PC In process cataloging

Stick barcode in top left corner of the LP

Place cursor in barcode field scan in barcode

If update is black click it and if grayed it's already saved.

You're done!

Primary contact: Meghan Bergin

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