WorldCat Collection Manager MARC Record Loading.

Setting up collections for loading:

    1. Login with your User Name and Password
  1. Click on Collection Manager.
  2. Search for collection you are configuring.
  3. From search results, click on the title of the Collection.
  4. Click Select Collection, if the collection has not been previously selected (Note: this may lock the collection for re-indexing, which may stop you from configuring the collection until the indexing is completed).
  5. Click on Holdings and MARC Records
  6. Settings:
    1. Maintain WorldCat Holdings: Use institution setting
    2. Data Sources: All approved data sources
    3. ILL allowed: No (unless instructed otherwise)
    4. Export to Google Scholar: Disable for this collection (generally)
    5. Enable MARC Record Delivery: Use institution setting
      1. Delivery Frequency: Use institution setting
      2. Subsequent Record Output: Include only records with changes (updated, added, or deleted) after initial delivery
      3. Delivery File Output: Deliver records for this collection in a separate file
        1. Add filename that will help identify collection later.
      4. Interleave Local Holdings Records: Use institution setting
      5. Embed Local Bibliographic Data: Use institution setting
      6. OCLC Symbols: Use institution setting
      7. WorldCat Holdings: Yes
      8. Custom Text:
        1. Custom Text 1: [Aleph collection code - this will be the 949 1 $c - Make sure this code is in tab40.eng before you load the records]
        2. Custom Text 2: [Aleph material type - 949 1 $m]
  7. Click on Properties
  8. Next to Notes, click on Show Details
    1. In the Public field, enter the number of simultaneous users
      1. For unlimited user enter, Unlimited UMass users
      2. For other values enter the number of users, followed by “at a time”, e.g. One user at a time, Two users at a time, Three users at a time, etc.
    2. This information will populate the 949 1 $o
  9. Click Save
  10. New records will be delivered monthly.

Loading records:

    1. Login with your User Name and Password
  1. Click on My Files and then Download Files
  2. Identify the file that you are going to load and click the download button.
  3. Open the downloaded file with the MARCedit MARCeditor
  4. Use the “WCKB” Assigned Task to update the records.
  5. You will need to update the 035 9$aum(OCLC Number) to be unique to the collection.
  6. Save the file and compile it into MARC format (.e.g, umfod140521.mrc).
  7. FTP the file to the /exlibris/aleph/u21_1/fcl01/scratch directory on the Aleph server. Or use the file upload function from the Aleph Cataloging client to put the file in the fcl01/scratch directory.
  8. In the Cataloging client, under the “Aleph” menu, click on “Connect to…” and select “UMA50 - UMass Administrative”.
  9. Under “Services” → “Custom Services” select “UM MARC prep (umprocload-01)”
  10. Enter the following:
    1. *Input File : [the name of the MARC file created above]
    2. *Match Routine : “0359A - Match 0359 subfield a”
    3. Library: FCL01 (This is important, since you have switched to UMA50, the default library will be UMA50).
    4. Click “Submit”
  11. This will create 3 files:
    1. Unmatched records: [the name of the MARC file created above] with fix1 appended (e.g., umfod140521.mrcfix1).
    2. Matched records: [the name of the MARC file created above] with fix2 appended (e.g., umfod140521.mrcfix2).
    3. Records with multiple matches: [the name of the MARC file created above] with fix3 appended. This should not happen.
  12. Load the “fix1” file. Under “Services” → “Custom Services” select “UM MARC load (umload-01)”
  13. Enter the following:
    1. * Input File: [the name of the fix1 file]
    2. * New or Replacement Records: “New Records”
    3. Character Conversion: “OCLC UTF to UTF (a in position 9 of the LDR)
    4. For E-Books:
      1. * Item/Holdings creation table: E-Book with call number (tab_hol_item_create_umebk)
    5. For other types of materials:
      1. * Item/Holdings creation table: E-Resource (tab_hol_item_create_umelec)
    6. Library: “FCL01” (Again, this is important)
  14. Since these are coming from the WorldCat Knowledge Base, there is no need to set the holdings in OCLC. Holdings should already be set. If not, make sure that the Use institution setting is selected for Maintain WorldCat Holdings
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