Instructions for Uploading Open Access Dissertation Files to ScholarWorks

1.) Go to the ScholarWorks drive and locate the latest batch of dissertation files under S:\ETDs\Dissertation files sent from Proquest.

2.) Create folders for open, campus, open with embargo, campus with embargo. Also, create a folder for dissertations that are not on the current doctoral access list from the grad school (follow up on these later).

3.) Open the current doctoral access list spreadsheet sent from the Grad School.

4.) Open each file on the ScholarWorks drive and check access on the doctoral access list spreadsheet

5.) Rename the file with the person’s name and the level of access

6.) Move the file into the correct folder according to the level of access

7.) Once the files have all been sorted and re-named, login to ScholarWorks and go to the ir_etd: open_access_dissertations series.

8.) Upload the open access and open access with embargoes dissertations

9.) Click on upload submission

10.) Using all sources of metadata (XML file, PDF, and dissertation title page at UMI) cut and paste to fill in all fields on the submission form

11.) Copy the PDF file from the zipped folder and paste it into the open access or open access with embargoes folder

12.) Browse for and upload the dissertation file

13.) Click on submit

14.) Click on publish and update selection

15.) Click on add more content to upload the next dissertation

Large files

If the file is very large (over 100 MB?) compress it by following these steps:

1. Open the targeted PDF file

2. From the top menu bar, File, Print

3. When Print Dialog pops up, choose Adobe PDF from the drop down menu of Printer Name (usually printer name is a default printer's name).

4. Click Print

5. A new PDF file will be generated and save it.

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