SFX Update Procedures

ExLibris updates the Knowledgebase [KB] data as well as various software files and some of the manuals each week. All tasks are done through the SFX Admin unless otherwise noted. HTML and Text reports for the week are available on Monday. The KB update page in the Content Corner is normally available on Tuesdays. We are unsure when exactly during the week our update is actually applied.

Help with SFX terms is available at this SFX glossary.

KB Update Release Notes can be found at the ExLibris Knowledge Center.

  • As hosted customers, our update is applied a week later than the current update. This affects applicable software changes, new and removed targets, and other changes in SFX. Target name changes/deletions affect Menu Display logic and Target Precedence (needs to be changed manually or in sort_services_config eventually).

Also See:

Weekly maintenance

  • KB Update Reports are obtainable from the front page of the SFX Admin under KBUpdate. They both reports should be run every Monday. Setting to “Yes” is supposed to retrieve only UMass active targets but does include UMass formerly-active targets, designated “Inactive”. Any time you choose an option be sure to let the page reload.
    • HTML Report: Under Type of Change check Deleted and Updated. Set Filter to active/localized only? to Yes. Choose Targets, Target Services, Sources, Source Services. Click submit. View Updated Active Records. Test linking for things that have changed.
      • Platform changes occasionally appear in this report. Make sure they go onto the Platform Changes worksheet.
    • Text Report: Set Type of Change to Deleted. Set Filter to active/localized only? to yes. Choose Deleted Object Portfolios. Click Submit. The results will launch as a text file which you should copy and paste into excel. Sort alphabetically by Target.
      • Previous title and other deletions in ejournal packages appear here. Officially, ExLibris does delete our active object portfolios but it still happens occasionally. Disregard databases with fluid content.
  • KB Release Notes are available at the URL listed above. They show the changes in the next KB update like target deletions, name changes, new targets, etc.
    • Ignore the Applying the Revision section. This is for libraries who manage their own server.
    • Target Name Changes affect target precedence and menu logic. If you see that an active target is going to be changed, make sure that it is updated in both places. (Or wait for the Sort Services Config.) Be sure to make a note of it in CORAL.
    • If something we have activated appears in the Targets to be Removed make sure to find out exactly when they will be deleted. Be sure they are deactivated before then, with active object portfolios moved (including activation status, date thresholds, and notes). Export any target active portfolios that might be affected (e.g. previous titles that might be lost).
      • You can also run a collections report between the Target being deleted and they one ExLibris suggests we use to see what changes you might encounter.
    • Targets Removed shows when a target is actually taken out of the KB.
    • Check CORAL to see if anything in New Targets and Target Services should be activated. Since we are hosted our update is deferred by one week, so you will have to wait to check if it really works for something we subscribe to.
    • Changed KB Software is like mini patch notes. For the most part they don't affect anything but can provide hints to what bigger issues ExLibris might be working on.
  • UNIX-side: Clean sessions subdirectory. This terminates live sessions so best to do in quiet times.
    • Login UNIX-side.
    • ds
    • cd sessions
    • rm cgisess_* (if done regularly, there is no need to breakdown with numbers and letters, e.g. rm cgisess_0* and rm cgisess_a*)
    • da
      • (To exit without checking stats, if not continue one below)
      • exit
  • UNIX-side: Check Stats tables.
    • da (continued from above)
    • ./server_admin_util
    • 5 (Statistics)
    • 4 (Show stats table monitor information)
      • Offline table limit is 1,000,000. Check for unusually high number in Online table.
      • Statistics are automatically moved from the online to offline file within a few days.
      • Statistics files are being archived by ExLibris 1-2 months after the beginning of the calendar and fiscal years, leaving at least 12 months in the offline file (as of 2016).
    • q
    • exit
  • Check outstanding SFX support cases at Salesforce. Login to see support cases.

Monthly maintenance

Primary contact: Jack Mulvaney

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