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This list will be used when applying abbreviations to call numbers and series statements, unless instructed otherwise in pertinent documentation.

This list will also be used when constructing the volume field in ALEPH item records. Previously linked items which have abbreviations differing from the standard list will not be changed, and abbreviations used in the past will be used for any added volumes linked to such titles in the future.

Prefer abbreviations in this list when in conflict with those cited in Appendix B of Anglo-American Cataloging Rules and updates in Cataloging Service Bulletin (marked with an asterisk in this document). When it is necessary to construct an abbreviation not appearing in this list, consult the publications mentioned above first, then the Acronyms, Initialisms & Abbreviations Dictionary (Ref PE 1693 A25).

*differs from AACR2 list

A B  C  D-I J-M N  P-R S T-Z  Months & Seasons
Term Abbreviation
aargang aarg.
Abstracts Abstr.
argang arg.
Abhandlung Abh.
Abteilung, Abtheilung Abt.
afdeling afd.
appendix App.
author Au
author index Au Ind
avdeling  avd.
Bandchen Bdchn.
Bande Bde.
Band (German) Bd.
band (Swedish) bd.
Beiheft Beih.
Beilage Beil.
book  bk.
cást* (do not abbreviate) cast
CD-ROM (do not abbreviate) CD-ROM
chapter* chp.
chast', chasti ch.
císlo cis.
compact disc disc
computer diskette disk
Congress Cong.
copy c.
corporate Corp.
czesc  cz.
deel d.
del d.
edición, edition, édition ed.
Erganzungsheft Erg.H.
évfolyam evf.
fascicle, fascículo fasc.
god, gody g.
Halfte Hlft.
Hauptteil Hpt.
Heft (do not abbreviate) Heft
incomplete Inc.
izdanie  izd.
jaargang jaarg.
Jahrgang Jahrg.
kniga kn.
kniha kn.
knjiga knj.
kotet kot.
Lieferung, Lieferungen Lfg.
map (do not abbreviate) map
microfiche fiche
microfilm reels reel
miscellaneous  Misc.
neue Folge n.F.
neue Reihe n.R.
neue Serie n.S.
new series* n.s.
number, -s no.
numer nr.
numero (French) no.
numero (Italian) n.
numero (Spanish) no.
numero (Swedish) no.
Nummer Nr.
nummer nr.
part, -s pt.
parte pt.
partie ptie.
personal Pers.
quarter qtr.
quarterly qtrly.
report rept.
rok r.
section Sec.
seria, serie, series ser.
session Sess.
slides (do not abbreviate) slides
sound cassette cass.
sound recording disc
sound tape reel reel
subject index Sub Ind
supplement  Suppl.
svazek sv.
Teil, Theil T.
teilband Tbd.
tom t.
tome t.
tomo t.
videocassette video
volume, -s, volumen v.
vypusk vyp.
yearbook yrbk.
zeszyt zesz.

MONTHS:   Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, *Jun, *Jul, Aug, *Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
SEASONS:   Spr, Sum, Fal, Win

*differs from AACR2 list

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