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Batch Uploading OAIs from Scholarworks into OCLC and Aleph

Once our dissertations and theses are OAI harvested from Digital Commons (BePress) via MarcEdit then run through MarcEdit's Task list before being uploaded to Connexion, the bib records are ready to be batch uploaded to OCLC then batch exported to Aleph.

To upload from Connexion to OCLC:

After importing the bib records file from MarcEdit (see OAI Harvesting Via MarcEdit ):

(For example purposes, we will use the Connexion file for February 2016 Dissertations which can be opened via CatalogingSearchLocalSaveFile → T:\\oclcapps\Connexion\Theses\2016_Feb_Dissertations.bib.db))

  • Highlight all records in the file and Validate (Edit → Validate or Shift+F5). This will generate a report of results. Note which records did not validate and make the necessary corrections. Re-validate as needed.
  • Highlight all records in the file and Update Holdings (Action → Holdings → Update Holdings or F8). OCLC record numbers will begin appearing in the file as each record is uploaded.

To export from Connexion to Aleph:

  • Go to Tools → Options and click on the Export tab. Highlight the Prompt for filename option then check off the box for Display report for immediate export results. Click on Apply then Close.
  • Open the Local Save file you want to export (2016_Feb_Dissertations - See path above)
  • Highlight records
  • Export (Action - Export or F5)

This will ask where to put the output file in your C: drive and what name to use. Make sure the filename is in all lower case - for example, feb2016diss. The file will be downloaded into your C: drive as a .dat file. (Example: C:\Crosswalk\Dissertation&Theses\Connexion_Records\feb2016diss.dat)

  • Open MARCTools in MarcEdit.
  • Input the .dat file from your C: drive (feb2016diss.dat)and name the Output file with a .mb extension (feb2016diss.mb. Execute the MarcBreaker.
  • Click on Edit Records. Use Replace to change AUMM to AUMETD.
  • Under MARCEditor –> File, click on Compile File into Marc. This will save as a .mrc (MARC) file.
  • Open Aleph, Cataloging function
  • Click on Task Manager then [F] Upload/Download files
  • Find where your saved .mrc file is on your C: drive (feb2016diss.mrc) and copy to the FCL01/Scratch file (from drop-down menu over left Remote Files column)by clicking on the left arrow button between columns
  • In the Aleph menu bar above, click on *_Services → Load Catalog Records
  • Click on Advanced Generic Vendor Records Loader (file_90)

Make sure the following rules are set:

  • Input File name (for this example, feb2016diss.mrc)
  • Default Holding - AUMETD
  • Character Conversion - OCLC_UTF_TO_UTF
  • Fix Routine - UMFIX
  • Match Routine - OCLC
  • Merge Routine - OCLC
  • Update Database - Yes
  • Produce Loading Report - Yes
  • Report file name(for this example, feb2016_report)
  • Click on the Submit button at top right

Once the exporting is done, click on Task Manager → [A] Batch Log to view the report.

  • Highlight your file (p_file_90) and click on View Printouts.
  • Under Remote Name, highlight <filename> (i.e. feb2016diss_report_new)
  • Click on Print to obtain reports. You want the loader-log-report which will show the FCL01 Bib Sys numbers for each record. Copy one and check the bib record which displays for any potential corrections needed.

To Globally Remove the 856 Field from Bib Records:

  • Click on *_Services → Catalog Maintenance Procedures → Global Changes (manage-21)

Set the rules:

  • Input file name <filename>.mrc.bib (i.e., feb2016diss.mrc.bib)
  • Output file name <filename>.mrc856 (i.e., feb2016.diss.mrc856)
  • Update Database - Yes
  • Line in Record → Tag → 856; first indicator - # second indicator - #
  • Delete field - Yes
  • Click on Submit button

The process should now be complete.

Contact persons: Kay Dion or Lucy deGozzaldi


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