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Cataloging Free Online Resources in the Depository ADM for all Five Colleges

Cataloging Free Online Resources in the DP for all Five Colleges

Download record from OCLC Connexion [The following actually does not work: after removing the 049 (so that on import into ALEPH no Item, HOL, etc. is created automatically–in case your library is set up to do so based on the 049 coding)]

In ALEPH change your library’s OWN code to DP in BIB

Create DEP50 item like:

Sublibrary: FCWWW

Collection: FCFRE

Item Status: 04

Material Type: as appropriate

& Internal Note: [Who XX] [When YYYYMMDD]: [Why] > > MH 20150115: requested B. Goodwin Who: 2 Letter Abrev. ONLY! (AC, HC, SC, MH, UM); When: use format YYYYMMDD only!

Examples: SYS 1360187

OR SYS 1368578

d. Create HOL record from item:

change OWN code to DP

with 852 $$h Online

Public Note language should be: Link to free resource

e. Remember to delete 856 from BIB once no longer needed!!

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